Monday, February 23, 2009


...I didn't post my homily for this weekend.

My homily was not written out; we had a survey in the pews for all parishioners, so the homily was shorter. My homily was aimed at preparing for a good Lent, with me highlighting the insert I put in the bulletin with lots of opportunities for prayer, confessions and volunteer service.

I also keyed off the first reading--in the desert, and God is ready to forgive--and the Gospel: the Lord responded to the faith of the friends who brought the man on the mat; and likewise, we should bring someone back to the Lord during Lent. I also mentioned the the second reading: Jesus is always "yes" to us, and we say "amen" to the Father through Jesus--which, I realized as I was sitting there, is fulfilled in elevation of the Eucharist at the "Per Ipsum" and then the people sing, "Amen!" And I talked about the Manna that nourishes us during our time in Lent.

Today, I was down in Dayton at the bookstore, didn't see much of interest, and was going to go see "Slumdog Millionaire," except I suddenly didn't feel so well; so I drove home, and have sat here since. My throat is getting sore and my head and body aches, so that suggests something bad is on its way. Just in time for Ash Wednesday!

I just ate a bunch of fruit and am washing it down with some, er, um, "cough medicine"...from Kentucky...


Anonymous said...

The cough medicine was prescribed by Dr. Jack Daniels, maybe? Hope it helps, Father, and that you get well soon.

Patricia Gonzalez

Father Martin Fox said...

No, Dr. Wild Turkey.

Chris Osgood said...

Hope all is well!

Adrienne said...

Yep - that's how it starts. A little cough medicine here - a little there. Next you find yourself getting "sick" more often, and pretty soon you'll be joining me at AA meetings! ;-)

Get better soon (very hot baths help - it ramps up your immune system)

Anonymous said...

Fr.- Praying you feel better soon.

Weren't you sick last year during Holy Week? I pray that you don't have to "give up" your health this year.

God Bless,

Jennifer said...

We have used Jagermeister for helping fight off colds- keep a bottle in the freezer and it really does help. Saunas or steamy showers are part of the prescription. Praying for you to get well!

Anonymous said...

Adding my prayers for your swift return to good health and high spirits! Well, you already took care of the spirits. . .har, har.
Get well soon, Father Martin!