Saturday, February 07, 2009

What's going on...

Some of you enjoy reading my "day in the life of" accounts, so here goes...

It's been crazy-busy lately. For a variety of reasons, we've got several good projects and initiatives going on in both parishes, as well as several necessary ones.

> We all know the economy is bad--result is budget problems for the parishes and the school. Result: meetings and discussions on what to do.

> I recruited a Stewardship Commission some time back, to promote engagement and involvement, with a view to re-evangelizing our inactive Catholics as well as our larger community. The Stewardship Commission is filled with great folks, making things happen. We're going to have a parish survey; some work to do on that.

> One of our pastoral councils, responding to the various needs of the parish, including the budget crunch, is preparing for some planning sessions in a couple of weeks. Lots of work! Lot's of emails, meetings, etc. Others are doing 95% of all that; I am involved in about 5% of it, but that 5% takes some time and effort.

> Will it surprise you that, as I'm here longer, more feel comfortable in approaching me with personal problems? I find I'm scheduling those meetings a little more often--why I can only surmise.

> A parish is a business to some degree: so for example, I had to prepare a memo on timecards; had to get it right; had to get input and get it out to the appropriate employees. Takes time.

> A parish gets A LOT OF MAIL! (If President Obama proposed a tax on unwanted mail, I'd think about it...) Two parishes get duplicates! All for me, I'm so lucky!

> As you know, I took a fall about 10 days ago. I'm still aching, but not so badly. I've been to see the doctor, nothing serious, I just have to let it work itself out.

> Last night, I got together with priests from the neighboring parish, for some dinner and some beers and conversation. Their zeal is impressive and puts me a little to shame! Their parishioners are blessed!

> Today I had confessions 9 to 10; then to see the doctor for a few minutes; then breakfast, then an appointment at 11:30; then worked on my homily, and got some office work done, including some phone calls, set up some appointments, went through some mail, and now I'm writing this as a "breather" before heading over for 4 pm Mass. After Mass, a break, till I head to Lehman High School for its Foundation Dinner, I expect I'll be back home by 10 pm, maybe a little earlier.

> Tomorrow I have one Mass; I just checked my calendar, and see nothing else; but I don't believe it. I suspect I forgot to write something down. But if it bears out, I will consider that unexpected gift of some free time to be mine to enjoy!

Well, about time to head to church.


Kathy said...

I hope nothing interrupts your free time today Father. Too bad there won't be a football game to watch (or will there? shows how much I know).

Father Schnippel said...

i get tired just reading your posts!