Wednesday, May 27, 2009


I'm not worried, I explain why down below (in an older post).

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Mattheus said...

Who can know how she will vote on the Court, if confirmed?

For example, the news coverage thus far suggests she has not weighed in on the issue of abortion much. The only incidence I've seen reported, thus far, is an example where she concurred with the Supreme Court that the Bush Administration had a legal right to be pro-life in its policies (specifically, the so-called "Mexico City policy.")

Perhaps she will turn out to be as big a disappointment to liberals as were Souter, Kennedy, O'Connor and others to conservatives... (As Fr Martin like to point out, six of the seven justices voting in favor of "Roe" were Republican nominees; one of the two dissenters was a Democrat nominee)

Of course, this is idle speculation - more likely a wistful indulgence on my part! But a boy can dream, can he not?