Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Weekend report

Sorry not to post for several days. This post, also, will need to be brief.

> Friday afternoon: lovely May Crowning with the schoolchildren, "the best I remember" our venerable retired priest observed after taking part. Our faculty and students did all the work--I was happy to take part.

> Friday evening: wedding rehearsal, followed by dinner with a couple other priests and a seminarian visiting, who I hope will work this summer. He stayed overnight and we had some good conversations.

> Saturday: various things with the wedding, plus there was a funeral--I didn't have the Mass, but I was checking to make sure the luncheon was taken care of, and then we had a group of women making a canopy for the Corpus Christi procession. Then confessions and Mass.

> Sunday: 10:30 am Mass was with catechists and students in the religious education program.
Then we had a gathering for one parish that evening, with Mass at 6 pm and a series of presentations afterward on various matters of interest. Good comments and interest from those taking part.

> My three homilies this weekend varied, but I keyed on the gap I feel between the Good Shepherd and we mere pastors, and talked about the power of his grace that works through us, for baptisms, confession and the Mass. And that we are supplied this grace, through the Eucharist, so that we will lift up the Name of Jesus in our world. I said more, but that was the gist of it.

> After the gathering, I hooked up with three other priests around 9:30 pm for dinner and some fellowship.

> Monday: a day of rest, capped by a "blognic" in Columbus, meeting up with Jay Anderson, the Darwins and TS. I would enjoy writing something witty about it all, but I got back rather late last night, afterward, and today's a busy day. But it was a lively and fun conversation.

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