Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Dayton Home School Conference

Among the many things I'm working on are a couple of talks I have to put together for the Dayton Homeschool Conference, coming up on Saturday, July 11.

I promised to give two talks: for the parents, I'm going to address "Equipping your children with spiritual armor"; and with the teens, my talk is called, "Social Justice: being God's not-so-secret agent." I promised to give the talks--now I have to prepare them!

If you are interested in this conference (I'm sure the other talks will be good at least), click on the link embedded in this post to go to the web site. Don't ask me any questions, I don't even know yet what I'm going to say!


Anonymous said...

Fr. Fox,

We are so looking forward to your talks. I would like to encourage all families, whether they are homeschooling or not to come to the conference. As we are all called to be the first educators of our children the conference is a great way for all parents to get resources for their homes. If anyone is discerning a call to homeschool this is a great place to talk to families and see what is available to you.


Unknown said...

Fr. Fox,
We are praying for you, as we promised we would. I want to know how to equip my children for the battle at hand.
The conference will have loads of great materials for Catholic parents in our vendor hall. Saint books, good literature, wonderful Catholic gifts and games.
Couldn't resist this opportunity to double up on your plug. :)
Conference Coordinator

kimberly said...

Dearest Fr. Fox:

I've just returned from the Dayton Homeschool Conference and all I can say is this:

Thank you!! Thank you from the bottom of my heart...

You will never know just how powerfully your talk on "spiritual armor" pierced the heaviness of mind and heart that have plagued me for quite sometime. You see, I've been in full "retreat" mode for the past few months...fear and confusion have reigned in the heart of this homeschooling mom. Having been a home educator for more than 14 years with three students out of nine graduated, you would think I have all the answers...alas, it's simply not so. Our Lord has been so gently leading me back to self-discipline and perseverance, and your talk today was the icing on the cake! With good humor, charming anecdotes and solid catechesis, you helped in ways immeasurable to dispel the fog that has been clouding my vision. Sitting on the front row,smiling through my tears, absorbing every word, all I could think was...


With loving gratitude, from a Holy Family Columbus (Latin Mass, no less!) Parishioner

Sandra said...

Dear Fr. Fox,
I second Kimberly's comment! I, too, attended your talk at the conference, and your words helped me so much today. I am looking forward to this new school year, with more order and structure (and more discipline of my own will), all wrapped in the blanket of that eternal perspective (or rather, focused by the helmet of salvation)... always asking "what does this mean for eternity?"
Thank you also for the wonderful suggestion to just stop by and visit Our Lord, even for a short time. We do attend two weekday Masses, and I think making a visit to Jesus is something we need to encorporate on the other days. I am sorry we don't live closer to Piqua, so that we could take you up on the offer to visit Our Lord in your Adoration Chapel. I did grow up in Sidney, though, so maybe I'll stop by on my next visit! Thank you again!

Becky D. said...

Fr. Fox,

Another thank you for your talk especially about the little ones. Our current 2 yr old surprises me with what she picks up and remembers. Just today she quickly said Pope Benedict to a picture in one the books I purchased. It actually was Pope JPII but she recognized the papal vestments. Also in the back of Holy Angels is the Pieta. Whenever we're back there when she's being rowdy at Mass she must kiss Jesus' boo-boos.

Fr Martin Fox said...

Kimberly, Sandra and Becky:

I'm so glad my talk was helpful, and I really enjoyed being with y'all. Thank you for your commitment to family life and the Faith.

Also, I'll post my talks once I get back to the office, since the texts are on my office computer. Stay tuned.

Peyton talk said...

Can't wait to read them!