Friday, October 08, 2010

Fun with Saints

I thought you'd enjoy some of the fun a priest (and any of us) can have with saints...

I was just signing a baptismal certificate, in advance of a baptism I'll perform on Sunday. I love baptisms! And I try to make the occasion as special as I can. Meaning: I try to do the rite with some dignity, not being to minimalistic. My homily for a baptism always explains the meaning of the sacrament and the elements of the ritual. When there are other children present, I do involve them, either by helping me get things beforehand, or helping me by holding my book or a towel, and I ask them a question during my homily. This seems to keep them interested and also makes them less likely to "melt down"--so that makes family happy too!

Also, I sing some of the prayers, particularly the litany of the saints that concludes the petitions; and I always try to include any saints connected to the day or to the people involved.

Frequently I have no time to look up the saints ahead of time, but today I took time. From the baptismal certificate, I got:

St. Katherine
St. Ceara (Keara)
Blessed Alan
Blessed Marianus Scotus (for Scott)
St. Alice

Also, there are lots of saints attached to October 10, I chose the Prophet Daniel, as the others were not very familiar.

All those can--and will--be included in the litany.

One of the points I make in my baptism homily is the reason we pray to the saints at baptism. At baptism, we become a saint! Yes, it's true: we are saved by baptism, all sin is removed and we are enrolled in heaven. The saints rejoice as someone is added to their number.

Of course, the hard part is staying a saint--that is what our life of prayer, walking with Christ, embracing the moral life, practicing our faith, penance and conversion are all about.

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