Friday, October 29, 2010

Preparing for Archbishop's Visit

Sunday, Archbishop Schnurr will return to Piqua to be the principal celebrant at Mass, marking 20 years of Eucharistic Exposition in Piqua. We have a lot to do to be ready.

Rehearsal for servers is tomorrow at 10:30 am (pray they all show up...on time!); because we have a procession, around the church, to the chapel where the Eucharist is exposed for adoration perpetually, we have a little more to rehearse so it all goes reasonably smoothly.

As this is not something we do all that often, I spent a fair amount of time yesterday and today working out the exact details, so I can explain this to the servers tomorrow. I wrote up seven pages of notes, including several color-coded charts--so that I can understand what I'm explaining, and then explain it clearly and quickly.

Along the way I thought of a few things I'd forgotten, and tomorrow, after the rehearsal, I hope to get things in good order.

If you want to come, Mass is at 2 pm, St. Boniface Church, 310 S. Downing Street, Piqua. A reception will follow!


Joy Cade said...

Oh my goodness, all your work was obvious in that inspired and majestic mass.

I had tears in my eyes during the first procession and again as the clergy and servers all lined up in the front of the church.

Tears came again at the heavenly choir music which must have either carried the mass up to heaven or brought some heaven down to us (or both)...

Then one of the knights had the exact same back of the head with curly dark hair and a bald spot in the middle as my father (who has passed)so there went the tears again.

I know I'm pregnant and emotional but I'm sure that the intensity and magnificence of the service would have touched me even if I wasn't.

I would guess that everyone there was at the very least as touched as I especially people who have been Catholic a long time and who understand all the significances, the mysteries, and the Eucharist thoroughly (or as thoroughly as humans can understand these things).

I cannot even imagine how all the people who started and who keep the chapel going felt about the birth of, sucess, and official celebration of this gift they have given to all of us.

And it was so nice to have the lovely family style reception afterwards where we could all relax and enjoy eachother and the moment. (along with very refreshing treats and beverages). What a wonderful party it was. Thank you!

Sharon said...

Father, this is off topic but I couldn't locate your email address. Some time ago I think you posted a talk you had given to First Communicants about the Eucharist. I have probably filed it but have lost my search engine! If I have got the correct blog would you be able to direct me to the post please?