Tuesday, September 27, 2011

'For you and for many'

I was working today on two more homilies for my series on the new translation of the Mass, completing--just moments ago--my first draft for Homily 5, "For you and for many."

You realize this is a tease, right? You have to check back to see it?

While I'm tempted to publish it, I want to let this draft sit a bit, and return to it.

The truth is, this is a fairly deep subject, involving many passages of Scripture. It's not exactly easy to delve into that, in a Sunday homily, without losing people. (And dealing with "consubstantial" was even more interesting! That homily has gone through a lot of editing!)

So I'm going to hold off publishing it--wait just a bit more. I should be able to publish them by mid-October, when I am going to provide them to the priests who will be preaching at Masses here during October and November.

One more to write, for the First Sunday of Advent.

Oh, and I have to write a homily for this coming Sunday! D'oh!

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