Thursday, September 22, 2011

Working on Mass translation homilies

My day thus far...

Today I finalized one homily, for use next month, on the new translation of the Mass, and have completed a first draft for the next two; six are planned in total.

My first homily gives an overview and explains the principles guiding the translation.

The second discusses "and with your spirit" and how the Holy Spirit is active in the Mass.

The third discusses the Creed, and spends some time on "consubstantial."

When we get closer, I am going to post these early--which I otherwise never do.

In a moment, I'll head to the hospital for visits, then back for a meeting with one of the Pastoral Councils.

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Jeffrey Pinyan said...

In a matter of Sundays, the readings will use the phrase "Lord/God of hosts". That may be a good time to catechize on the Sanctus.

27th Sunday, Isa 5:1-7
28th Sunday, Isa 25:6-10
31st Sunday, Mal 1:14-2:2, 8-10