Saturday, March 31, 2012

'We did this' (Palm Sunday homily)

Holy Week isn’t about someone else; it’s about us.

We don’t do all this to remember what someone else did.
It’s about what we would have done if we’d been there.

It’s about what WE DO to him by our daily choices.

Not them; not you. Me.

I don’t recall
when I first started thinking of it that way.

I was going to say,
“when I first understood that”—
but that moment hasn’t happened yet.
I’m a long way from really understanding.

That’s why we do this every single year.

If you’ve come this far in Lent,
It maybe you feel you missed the boat.
You can still make Holy Week your Lent.

If you wish you’d gone to confession—
it’s not too late.
We’ll have confessions Wednesday evening
at St. Boniface Church
from 5:00 to 6:45 pm, before Mass.

We’ll have confessions on Good Friday at both churches:
At St. Mary Church from about 10 to Noon;
And at St. Boniface from 5 to about 6:30 pm.

Saturday, we’ll have confessions at the usual times.

The Lord walked his week to the Cross and the grave
and we can walk with him.

Come to Saint Mary, Thursday evening;
pray with him that night before his agony.

Come Friday to pray at the Cross at either church.

Come to the Vigil Saturday night
when the Light of Christ conquered the darkness.

This is his week; it’s our week. This is about us.

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