Saturday, March 24, 2012

Welcome our new pastor

His Excellency Bishop Joseph Binzer informed me on Friday morning that the Archbishop had appointed the Rev. Thomas Bolte as the new pastor for Saint Mary and Saint Boniface Parishes.

Father Bolte currently serves as pastor of Saint Theresa of Avila Parish in Cincinnati.

I spoke with Father Bolte on Friday and I will be in touch with him in the coming week, to prepare for his arrival and to help him in any way I can.

He expects to begin his term as pastor July 1, meaning he will move in sometime in the days or weeks prior.

Please pray for Father Bolte and for God to assist him in every way!


the Egyptian said...

I will pray for YOU, darn, I finally got a chance to see the remodeled St B, I so wish St John would have used hardwood instead of carpet, really sets off the church, wonderful job, you should be proud, one minor note, why not use the beautiful baptistry for it's intended purpose, but I guess it's not your concern any longer.One other thing I stopped to visit our Lord in the adoration chapel, where in the world did you scare up those pews, nice cozy place though.

Any idea where you are going next, hope maybe up our way.

Fr Martin Fox said...

Hey thanks, I really am proud of Saint Boniface.

As far as my next stop, I'm headed to Cincinnati.

The pews in the chapel were there when I arrived, so I didn't do anything with them.

As far as the baptistery in the church...we installed a "new" 100-year-old baptismal font in the rear of the nave. Why site it there rather than the baptistery? Well, it seemed to me that it would be awkward to do baptisms at the Easter Vigil, and we'd end up using a salad bowl or something.

But, the font we obtained and installed can always be moved there, if that is desired.

the Egyptian said...
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the Egyptian said...

Crap, all the good ones go south, keep up the blog please,

as far as the baptistry, it's just that I have rarely seem a small church with a separate baptistry and it seemed a shame to see it empty, still a beautiful job I must say

Fr Martin Fox said...


Thanks. Just so you know, when I arrived, the baptismal font that would have occupied that space was long gone. We were using a portable baptismal font (think of that symbolism) made of formica and metal. I began looking for a real, stone, font; and after several years, I found the one you see.

It came from Assumption Church in Walnut Hills, Cincinnati. Alas, that beautiful church was no longer in use and its treasures being sold off by the parish. After relocating it, cleaning it, modifying it slightly, we placed it where you see it.

My thinking was that it would make the sacrament of baptism more visible to folks if it would also serve as a holy water font; and of course, it would mean that the real font gets used during Masses, not another portable baptismal font.

After all, I knew I wouldn't be here forever; I didn't want to see this font be ignored by a future pastor. So this seemed the best resolution.

I'm curious when you were here? Did you attend Mass? Was I the celebrant? Sorry not to meet you!

Fr Martin Fox said...

Oh by the way, about the old baptistery: it has beautiful tile; but when we took up the old carpeting, we didn't know what we'd find. I wanted to change our plans and not put carpet back down on that tile; however, we were running out of time. The old tile was covered with goo that had held down carpeting, and we didn't have time to clean it up. So I figure a future pastor can do that.

I'd love to have gone back to the tile throughout the vestibule; however, you really have to have some kind of carpeting there or else folks will slip and fall, or at least track slush and grime into the church. Plus the tile in the vestibule wasn't in great shape.

Perhaps a future pastor will take it all up and then put down mats, who knows?