Friday, October 19, 2012

My day...

What a day! Here's how it went...

I was "in the office"--meaning downstairs--at 9. Or thereabouts. Made coffee. Finished my homily while taking some calls and returning some.

Confessions at 11. When the folks finish the Rosary, that means I need to be vested, because it's almost time for Mass! I motored up to the sacristy with a few minutes to spare. Offered the Holy Mass at Noon.

After Mass, I had to hurry out to our seminary. The Archbishop gathers the employees from the central office once a year for a day of reflection. I explained I had duties in the parish, and he understood I wouldn't be there till 1 pm.

At the seminary, one of our many fine faculty, Father Earl Fernandes gave a brilliant talk about the Year of Faith. I'm sorry I missed the earlier talks. After that, Mass in Saint Gregory Chapel. First time I've been there for Mass in seven or eight years. Father Fernandes and Father Kyle Schnippel--both of whom were in the seminary about the same time as me--were there. It was neat offering the Holy Mass with them. And, frankly, there's something pretty powerful about offering the Mass with the Archbishop. What I mean is, he's the bishop--a priest's priesthood is complete in the bishop. Most of the time, we offer Mass, mindful of him, but off on our own. Being able to offer Mass with him, is very meaningful.

We finished a little after three. I needed a haircut, and thought about getting it then--but I had a wedding rehearsal at 4:45 to prepare for, and didn't want to cut things close. Headed back, just to be safe.

Not sure why, but driving down Salem Avenue--it was raining--I hit a slick patch. My car spun around! I'm going to have my tires checked. Thank Almighty God no harm, but I gave some thought to a little whiskey when I got back, to calm my nerves. I decided not to; instead I said a prayer of thanks to God for watching out for me.

Back at the parish, I had a number of things to get ready for the rehearsal, plus some calls to make. My first wedding at Saint Rose, and--to be candid--I needed to walk through things on my own, because it's a little different from Saint Mary and Saint Boniface. I didn't want to be uncertain or confusing in my guidance to folks at the rehearsal.

Oh, did I mention that, because there was a wedding at Saint Rose tonight at 6:30, our rehearsal--for a wedding tomorrow--had to hurry along? Everything went well; thankfully, the couple didn't want to have eight couples come down the aisle. Nothing against that, but the truth is, the hardest thing to rehearse, the thing that takes all the time, is that opening procession. I have an axiom: the fewer bridesmaids and groomsmen, the less stress the wedding will be (for everyone). Seems to be holding true, so far.

As we're finishing up, folks are starting to arrive for the wedding afterward. God help the priest who causes any bride unhappiness! We wrapped up; shortest rehearsal I've done so far. The photographer was a little anxious, but the bride was calm.

A little business after that, then down to Newport for the rehearsal dinner. Those can be fun, and this one was. These were two families who seemed to be at peace, and happy to be together. I had some good conversations with folks, and the couple--who are a little more mature--put on a great party. I got home about a half-hour ago.

Now I'm watching a little baseball. I hate to root for the Giants, but--I figure, the only consolation to having the Reds lose in the playoffs, is if they lost to the World Champions, not an also-ran.

Oh, and I did I mention what a day I have tomorrow?

I have confessions at 11, Mass at noon, wedding at 2, Mass at Little Flower in Mt. Airy at 4:30, then back to the parish at 6 for a party for the seminarians.

Who knows? I may see if I can get that haircut in the morning.

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