Sunday, October 28, 2012

'What are you prepared to do?' (Sunday homily)

Father Tim Schehr, who teaches Scripture at our seminary-- 
and if you ever see that he’s giving a talk, or having a workshop, 
I can’t encourage you strongly enough, to go; you will be blessed. 

Anyway, Father Schehr made this point recently: 
In the Gospels, when our Lord heals someone, 
 it isn’t merely for the purpose of a physical healing. 
It’s always in order to give an invitation 
 to some other change or step that leads to deeper faith. 

Notice, for example, in this Gospel, that Jesus asks, “what do you want?” 
Our Lord had seen him coming; 
it must have been obvious the man was both blind, and also in need. 
Why ask the question? 

Because it gave the man both a choice and a responsibility. 
He could have said, “will you give me a donation?” 
or “something to eat?” 
Much easier things to ask for. 
He asked to see--that demanded faith. 
That is what Jesus wanted to heal and strengthen in him. 

Maybe that’s why the Lord expects us to pray for things. 
He already knows what we need and want. 
Why not just give them? 

Until we ask--and ask--and ask again--we don’t change. 

Stop and think a moment. 
Are there things you wish God would do, 
but which you haven’t prayed for recently? 

You want to change? Get rid of a bad habit? 
Be reconciled with someone? 
See family or friends be converted? 
See our society return to God? 

What are you prepared to do?

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