Friday, March 14, 2014

Back in Rome, wrap-up on German pilgrimage to come

I just landed at Fiumicino Airport in Rome . . . and realized I left my iPad on-board. So now I'm waiting to check again with the help desk.

It was my plan to post something last night on the past few days in Germany; but as those of you who travel know, "we have wi-fi" is not a reliable promise from hotels. And, of course, whether there will be pictures depends on the nice folks at Alitalia.

A few random notes...

> I think I've had my fill of schnitzel for awhile. It was on the menu everywhere in Germany, often the special -- and it was one thing I recognized. But it was generally pork schnitzel, and if you've ever had a "pork tenderloin" at fairs and church festivals in the northern part of the diocese, you've had pork schnitzel.

> They seem to consider wurst either a breakfast or a snack food. I really wanted to have more wurst  than I had. I had weisswurst for breakfast a couple of times -- basically, a smaller version of the white bratwurst we often have in Cincinnati. I ordered a currywurst at one place, and it came in a kind of barbeque sauce -- and tasted like a hot dog to me.

> Europe tends to designate the ground level floor as floor zero. The first floor is the next one up. Still not used to that.

> European traffic lights also turn yellow before turning green. I like it!

> If I never see another cobblestone, I can live with that.

> German highways aren't seldom marked "east"  or "west" but toward a city. Which is fine if it's the city you're going to. If you're vague on German geography, it's not so helpful.

> I am thinking about organizing a Heilige Deutschland pilgrimage -- visiting many of the same places I saw this trip. What do you think?

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