Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Wednesday night dinner

One of the questions people are asking me is about food: what I like, and do I cook? 

It may be related to the fact that my admirable predecessor was never seen eating.

So, for those who may be interested, here's what the parish priest of Russia fixed for dinner tonight:

Cube steak, sauteed with a steak seasoning, a little flour, and olive oil. Done medium. Very quick to cook. One of the parishioners warned me it might be a little tough -- but not meat from Buschers! It was quite tender. I wanted to get a ribeye, but it was $14/lb., while the cube steak was less than half that! This was preceded by an antipasto of cheese and crackers, and paired with green beans lightly steamed with a little butter ( the micro!) All this was accompanied by a feisty Chianti (i.e., box wine). 

For dessert, I had some peach ice cream as only Graeters can do it, accompanied by some fresh raspberries, dressed with a little sugar. 

And pretzels. If you don't know about pretzels with ice cream (only Grippos will do), then try it before you scoff. You will be surprised.


Unknown said...

Dear Fr. Fox, I will have to disagree with you on who has the best peach ice cream. I say cincinnati's United Dairy farmers peach is better than Greaters. Now as far as all other flavores go Greaters is the best. I realize our dad would probably disagree with me, but I have researched this & this what I have concluded. Happy eating, Eileen

Unknown said...

As a kid I always had vanilla ice cream and dipped pretzels in it. My dad shared this treat with us as kids. I have not tried that in so many years and truly forgot about it! I didn't know others tried this dish. Heather

rcg said...

Do you have a cast iron skillet? One with a cover? That is vital. You can braise tough meat and eat it like the most tender steak.

Anonymous said...

I've eaten pretzels and ice cream before, and it is good! I think only pretzels and chocolate could possibly be better. (=-)

Still looking forward to the "free morning" when I can treat you to a cup of java. Frankly, there are better spots than where we discussed for that cup o' joe.

Glad you're settling in well.

~Anne Elizabeth =-)

truthfinder2 said...

Graeter's Peach ice cream --- and
PRETZELS! Yum! I saw on the web somehere that Graeter's is celebrating its 144th anniversary this Sunday(July 20th)by selling one-scoop cones for $1.44. Black Raspberry Chocolate Chunk for me! Glad things in Russia are going well, Father! ~ Rosemary A.

Deacon David Oatney said...

Father, you've made me hungry.

Kevin Hammer said...

If you venture north, you will have to try Toft's Peanut Butter Pretzel flavor.