Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Bright, busy morning in Russia

I've been up two hours already...

Holy Mass in the Extraordinary Form at 5:45 am; about 12 people showed up, about average. One was already in church when I turned on the lights at 5:33.

After that, some coffee and some zucchini bread for breakfast -- the latter courtesy of a thoughtful parishioner, who left it in the sacristy with a humorous note on fasting.

A bit of browsing through news sites after that. Meanwhile, outside, the workers are pouring concrete for our walkways, which are being re-done; and as I poured another cup of coffee in the kitchen, I noticed the air-conditioning contractor was at work again.

In a few minutes, I'll walk over and offer Holy Mass again, this time in the Ordinary Form. This is one of those days where the calendars coincide: Saints Pontian and Hippolytus.

I better head over...


Michael Haz said...

Zucchini bread! The gift of abundance from someone's garden, I'd bet.

Hereabout, the ring of the front doorbell sometimes leads to a bushel basket of surplus zucchini left by someone who is seen scampering down the driveway so as not to hear a polite "no, thanks" from the homeowner after opening the door.

I'm hoping for tomatoes and basil this year. I need to make some sauce and some pesto.

fxr2 said...

Thank You Father for offering the Extraordinary Form of the Mass at a time that even I could attend.