Friday, August 15, 2014

I love my parish!

This won't be a complete list of the reasons I love my parish; just a start...

> Yesterday we had exposition all day, from the conclusion of the 8:15 am Mass until around 8:30 pm, when we had benediction.

> We interrupted it at 5:30 pm for the vigil Mass for the Assumption. Lots of people at that Mass.

> During the 90 minutes of confession time, I had about 2 hours of confessions (i.e, I ran over).

> At benediction, we had about 20 or so people. Not a huge crowd, but we do this every week. And people come. And they stay to sing all three verses of "Holy God we Praise thy Name." And all genuflect at the end of the third verse: "and adoring, bend the knee."

> I figured the 7 am and 11:45 am Masses would be light. Nope; church was more full than empty both times.

> Then we had 7 pm Mass tonight which was "high Mass": the folks told me, if you want to have "high Mass," just call So-and-so, and he'll round up the guys; we had eight servers, all in cassock and surplice, with incense and chant and torches lined up in front of the altar during the consecration.

> Oh, did I mention church was packed? Standing room only.

> Oh, and Knights of Columbus. All geared up.

> After that, a Rosary procession. From church to the school. With a statue of our Lady, on a platform. Well over a hundred people came, with lots of little kids. (Did I mention the folks here like making babies? Look out all you contracepting folks, my kids are going to take over your world. Because they'll show up.)

> After the procession, we had a skit; six kids acted out various apparitions of our Lady through history. Only not the famous ones, but cases like "Our Lady of the Snows" and "Our Lady of the Golden Heart."

> The cafeteria was packed.

> Remember, this was tonight: Friday night.

People here love the Faith. They love our Lady. They love to adore the Eucharist. The life of the parish is the center of the community.

And I get to be their pastor!

See what I mean?


rcg said...

Are you having a good time? LOL! Where I grew up we had saying, "you couldn't slap the smile off my face." This sort of love and caring is powerful. Reminds me of another saying, "I like a man who fights with a smile on his face."

Margaret Cordonnier said...

It was such a blessing to get to grow up in St. Remy! But at least now I don't have to help my Mom make all the signs for most of the processions ;)

truthfinder2 said...

Wish we could have been there; it sounds (quite literally) heavenly! I hope it spreads. :-) ~ Rosemary A.

Gail Finke said...

I'm jealous, is that a sin?

David Oatney said...

Father, I pray that one day my own parish could be this exceptional.