Friday, September 26, 2014

Getting the house in order

One of the projects that has taken some of my time since July 1 has been a renovation of the priest house. My venerable predecessor set it in motion, when he knew he would be moving on. He met with some parishioners and they worked out a plan:

> Replace aging wiring;
> Repair or replace failing plumbing;
> Blow insulation into the walls (none before);
> Install air conditioning (none before);
> Fresh paint everywhere;
> Improvements to bathrooms and kitchen;
> Replace some threadbare furniture;

All this has just come to completion, at an expense of about $52,000. We actually got more than that in value, as many items were donated, including a lot of paint, carpeting, and labor.

This weekend I'm welcoming folks into my house to see it all. Tonight is a "Sneak Peek" for those who helped bring it together; Sunday is an Open House for everyone (1-3 pm); Tuesday I'll invite the Mass-goers over.

So after a spate of last-minute things this week, today I typed up a summary sheet of all the aspects of the project, and drove down to Troy to have it blown up into a poster; I'll put that up on Sunday for the benefit of the visitors, along with a stack of envelopes (hint, hint!). But tonight, no pitch for help, even a soft one; I wouldn't even ask anyone to bring things. Instead, I arranged for some food trays from Buschers, and I picked up some snacks at the store. I just got back a bit ago, and got everything in the fridge that needs to chill. In a bit I'll go get the trays, as well as some ice.

So, sorry I haven't been posting, but now you know one reason why.

With everything all spiffed up, I may even post some pictures!


ndspinelli said...

Sounds like a great soiree.

Jennifer said...

Great! Viel Spass, as they say in German. :)

Deacon David Oatney said...

Sounds like lovely company at the rectory.