Monday, September 01, 2014

What a priest does on his day off...

I was really looking forward to today.

Yesterday, after the last Mass -- and baptism, which I'd forgotten about -- I was very tired. I went home and stretched out on the couch for several hours. In the evening, I went over to the picnic, and had dinner with some parishioners. After visiting, I went home again. I'm sorry, folks, I wasn't more involved.

This morning, I slept late. That means, up around 8 or so. For breakfast, I put some of those Pillsbury rolls in the oven, then sat down to read the new online. Only I sat too long, and the rolls burnt! So I did it over again.

I spent the morning reading, then in the early afternoon as I was getting ready to go over to church to offer Mass, I got a call: an older parishioner needed Last Rites. I was dressed casually, so I threw on my cassock, went over to church to get holy communion for the woman, and then drove over to her house. Two of her daughters and I prayed with her, and I did all I could. Then I drove back and had Holy Mass privately. I think someone walked in while I was offering Mass (I was at the high altar, facing the Lord, so I couldn't see); after Mass, I went back over to my house and fiddled around on the Internet; my other project was to go down and buy a TV.

So I drove down to Piqua, only the store I was looking for wasn't where I thought it would be! After some driving around, I found it; I picked out a TV, plus a DVD/audio system to go with it, and then went to get something to eat. I just got back and have been reading some news.

Some off-days I go to a movie; when it gets a little cooler, I hope to get out on my bike. But today, I just wanted to rest. For some reason, I haven't been sleeping as well as I'd like, and that's why I was tired.

Meanwhile, I'm thinking about how grateful I am for the parishioners who have been pitching in to paint my house. It looks great! Thanks!


ndspinelli said...

Exercise is the key to good sleep. However, the exercise should be during the day, not after dark.

TrooperYork said...

Enjoy your time off Father. People forget that our clergymen are people too and they need some downtime.

Michael Haz said...

I never wondered what my pastor does on his day off until one afternoon when he plopped down on a stationary bicycle next to the one I was riding at the local health club.

"My day off" he said, then put on his earbuds and started pedaling.

Everyone needs a day off at least once a week. Mental and physical health are improved by doing it.