Thursday, December 18, 2014

Decorating the house for Christmas...

This is my office door, where all the Christmas cards go. I have about five or six more to post, sitting on my desk. The drawing in the middle came from the preschoolers, who all signed the back (or someone signed for them I suppose).

Here's my living room. Getting a tree up today was more of an adventure than expected. Some time back, one of our great volunteers, who will supervise the decoration of the church for Christmas, heard I needed a Christmas tree, and told me, oh, there's a nice one in the church basement; we don't use it in church, that'll be perfect for you. Great!

So Monday, our hardworking maintenance expert helped me get the box from the basement and haul it over to my living room. There it sat until today, when I went to set it up, in anticipation of some staff members who graciously volunteered (so to speak) to help me decorate the tree this afternoon.

When I unpacked the tree, there was a problem. No base for it. I searched the church basement again; no luck. I called our maintenance chief, he had no idea where it might be; I called our decoration maven, and neither did she. That's when I said, well, if we can't find it, I can always use one of the other trees in the church basement. "Oh, no, don't do that! We need those for Christmas!"

So I asked our decorator, how many trees do you need for Christmas? "Only five." Back to the church basement to see if there are more than that. I count six. I call back our decorator extraordinaire; she says, "I'll be right there." Back to the basement; she finds number seven; only it's over in a dark corner, on it's side. Not looking good.

Back to the house; the master of maintenance arrives; he has a base that ought to work; only he informs me we have another problem -- the top of the tree is also missing. And it's a pre-lit tree; and we plug it in; no lights. "I'll take it to the dump," he volunteers. I agree.

Now back to the basement of the church. With the decorator's blessing, we take one of the trees shoved into a side room. When we move it, we discover why; it's kind of jury-rigged together, and pretty flimsy. The decorator reminds us of the sad tree in the corner, laying on its side. I'm thinking, there's a reason someone threw that tree up into that corner -- to keep people from using it. Sure enough, a closer examination shows, it's bent.

Here's where the maintenance guru earns his pay. "Tru Value in Minster has a great selection." I nod, but add, "I'd rather buy one after Christmas." "They're on sale now," he adds brightly. Sold!

Back to the office for an appointment; after which, I let the staff know I've got to run up to Minster.

"No need, Father," one of my office associates says; "I have one in my basement you can use!"

So she brings it back after she goes home for lunch, and this is the tree we put up. She and the youth director helped me decorate it.

When we finished that, I had to run over to church for confessions; I got back around 4:20 pm, and did some work at my desk. When I got bored with that, I recalled I hadn't unpacked the Nativity set. So here's the creche, with just some of the figures in place. Are you wondering where the others are? Ask in comments, I'll explain.

It's almost time to head back to church for confessions again and Benediction at 8:30 pm. But, except for a wreath on the front door, the house is ready!


rcg said...
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rcg said...

"Gee, Father, where are all the other figures in the crèche?"

Fr Martin Fox said...


The city of Bethlehem got a grant from the UN, and the innkeepers were able to expand. Mary and Joseph got a room with a king-size bed!

ndspinelli said...

Never take UN money. Too many strings attached!

Jonathan Turley had a post on his blog yesterday about obese professions. Police and priests topped the list!! Terrible of me to point this out during the Christmas season. Mea culpa.

Fr Martin Fox said...

I'm not obese; I'm prosperous.

rcg said...

Your sense of humor is wonderful. Your home is beautiful and looks welcoming and comforting. A perfect place for the Holy Family to rest and find comfort.

Jenny said...

Amen, RCG!

ndspinelli said...

That is an interesting point. Prosperity in history meant girth. Now, the rich are thin and poor are fat.

ndspinelli said...

I chuckle @ the billboards that say 1 in 6 Americans are hungry. And then the facts that we are an obese nation w/ the poor being most obese.

ndspinelli said...

Maybe they include anorexics in the "going hungry" statistic.