Saturday, December 27, 2014

Russia invaded from the south!

My parish church has been taken over. Commandeered by the Archdiocese.

Today a young man from our parish will be ordained to the holy priesthood, a son of the parish: Deacon Andrew Cordonnier. And the Archbishop graciously agreed to the deacon's request to be ordained here.

So at the moment, the Archbishop's MC (Master of Ceremonies) is in the church, getting things set as he likes. He's ably assisted by two seminarians, so I'm staying out of the way. Most of my dining room chairs are over there, however!

As you might imagine, this has been many weeks in the planning; today is...well, I was going to say "O-Day," but that; so I'll just say, the big day.

Even though very capable people are in charge (that leaves me out!), I'm still a little nervous about it all. So I'm drinking decaf.

We "liftoff" at 11 am.


Bob Haley said...

Congratulatory cigar and whisky / bourbon after the ceremony

Congrats Father , not many parishes have the humble honor to host an ordination. Thank you.

Most are at the hq catherdal.

the Egyptian said...

pictures, update, when your well rested and sober

congrats on many levels

Jenny said...

God's special blessings on all!

Jenny said...

God's special blessings on all!

rcg said...

1) This is wonderful and happy news.

2) Now you know how your congregation feels when the mother in law visits for Christmas.