Thursday, February 26, 2015

'Turkey bacon...'

...No, it's not.

Among the items my venerable predecessor left in the freezer, one was a package of "turkey bacon." I avoided it till now; but Lent seemed a good time to use this up.

Here it is, you decide:

Yes, it kind of looks like it; and it doesn't taste that bad. I had it with a couple of eggs fried in the middle of slices of bread -- i.e., "eggs in a basket." (Sorry, no photos of breakfast; I wanted to eat it while it was hot. The photo above was of leftover bacon, just now.)

What do you use as a substitute for bacon? Is there any substitute?


Darren said...

I grew up in a small Holiness sect that did not eat pork or shellfish, so we regularly had turkey bacon. It's not bad, as long as you fry it up crispy enough - but it's also not bacon :)

gramps said...

Not ok to eat turkey on Friday's in lent. Right?

Fr Martin Fox said...


Only if they are aquatic turkeys. Very rare.

rcg said...

Coincidentally, my wife just this evening asked if I wanted turkey bacon Sunday for our after Mass breakfast. Since turkey does not have the colouration of bacon I am admittedly suspicious of it. I have pounded out chicken breasts thin and fried them in a skillet for the same effect.

Michael Haz said...

Bacon, never something that pretends to be bacon.

Absent bacon, good Italian or Hungarian sausage, of the old standby, bratwurst.

Sometimes a small cut of beef with eggs. Great load of protein to keep me rev'd up for the morning.

But turkey bacon? It's fake, and it's overly processed in order to look sort of bacon-ish.

rcg said...

My daughter was home from college and requested pancakes and my wife eschewed the turkey 'bacon' and prepared chicken gravy for our Sunday respite from Lenten penance. All she asked of me was pancakes and she was happy. I don't know if it is related in any way, but I went to confession today. All I needed to do was be honestly contrite and the sins are forgiven through an act of penance as light as, well, my pancakes. I joyously did them both and enjoyed the warmth of love for the simple gifts.

ndspinelli said...

Turkey bacon is a venial sin. Turkey sausage is ok. There is a place here in San Diego that makes chicken Italian sausage. Now, of course, it's not as good as pork. But, it is good. Turkey bacon is not good; flavor or texture wise, IMO.

Paul said...

One of the first laws of the universe:
1. There is no substitute for bacon.
2. Sweet and Low will never replace sugar.
3. The form and essential substance of coffee is caffeine. Without it, it's just hot brown water.
4. Velveeta is not cheese.