Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Various projects...

So what am I up to?

I've been working on a few projects today.

1) My admirable predecessor had created some handy confession handouts for the various grades, that we use when we bring the kids over -- from the government school, hah! -- for the sacrament. I've been tweaking his good work, reflecting my own way of doing things.

2) This morning, I spent some time reworking and updating the article I wrote in 2011 about "same sex marriage" and the related questions of what the Catholic Faith teaches about same-sex behavior, and related questions. Then I passed out copies of my draft to several staff members for their comments.

3) I'm planning to have at least one, and maybe two, seminarians in the parish for the summer. To that end, I've been trying to determine just how much work we may have for them -- will it be enough? They won't be paid just to sort paper clips.

In between a few phone calls, emails, visits, papers to sign; I have some mail to go through and I should start thinking about Sunday's homily. I have other items I simply don't want to think about at the moment; nothing bad, just tedious. And in the spaces between, I've been looking things up online, and catching up on some reading. (Keeping up on current events helps my homilies, I think. What do you think?)


the Egyptian said...

cooking, let them cook (kidding)

help them to appreciate the Older Form of the Mass, that will be the biggest help you can give them, that and a good example, It would be good for them to be seen in clericals (cassock maybe?) by the kids. Uniforms say much about the wearer.

PS why do you have the old mass so blasted early in the morning, I used to come once in a while when you predecessor had it in the evening, early morning mass and cows don't mix, sadly

Fr Martin Fox said...


Actually, nothing has changed.

The 5:45 am Mass on Wednesday was started by my admirable predecessor; I actually wanted to move it later, but the folks who attend it said it works better for them to be so early. So I left it where it is.

And, I still have the older form of Mass on First Friday evenings, as did my predecessor. However, I did move it to 7 pm, from 7:30 pm.

So be sure to come next First Friday, and if possible, it will be nice to meet you.

Fr Martin Fox said...


As far as the seminarians, I think cooking is a good idea. They need to learn how.

The two we have from the parish -- who are most likely to be staying here -- are already familiar with the Extraordinary Form, but I'm all for them being more involved.

And as far as their vesture, they wear cassocks now. I don't know if the seminary or the archbishop has any rules about wearing clerical attire when they are college seminarians (i.e., before they are formally admitted as candidates for holy orders), but if so, they have to follow those rules -- i.e., regarding clerical attire outside of liturgical functions.

the Egyptian said...

My apologizes didn't look at the bulletin on line close enough
mea culpa, mea maxima culpa