Saturday, April 11, 2015

Zombie Week

OK, I wasn't a zombie all week. Just the first few days.

I love Holy Week, but I was tired afterward. I am very grateful I didn't get sick. That can happen.

It was nice having bacon several times this week (including this morning), as I gave that up for Lent. Also coffee. That tasted good, too!

Monday I did very little. On Tuesday, I wished I'd planned to rest as well. Maybe next year, I will. All the same, it was a lighter week. I feel no guilt.

And, actually, I did get some things done. I cleared some junk off my desk. I had a nice visit with a reader of this blog; we had a lovely time sampling some wine and enjoying some pasta, all graced with a very enjoyable conversation. Yesterday morning, I took our 2-1/2 seminarians (one has applied, but not yet accepted) out for breakfast. We agreed that as delicious as the Sweet Shop's doughnuts are, we can't really tell the difference between them (although one had white icing). And I contemplated filling out my tax forms.

And I do feel pretty well rested, as the week comes to a close. Life is good!

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