Tuesday, December 01, 2015

No room at the inn -- but there are cookies!

Tonight we have our annual "Journey to Bethlehem" program for our children. They dress up like Mary and Joseph (and perhaps shepherds, I'm not sure -- everyone seems to dress pretty much alike) and have several stops to make along the way. One of the stops is the inn, where the grumpy innkeeper sends them away. Guess who is the grumpy innkeeper? Yours truly!

Last year, I played my part a little too well, and one very young Saint Joseph, filled with righteous indignation, had cross words for me! I will try to do my best not to scandalize these little ones.

We ask folks to make cookies for the little wanderers; and I thought, it's been awhile, let's see if I can make some. From what I had on hand, I was able to make peanut butter cookies.

By the way, this is very easy! I worked from this recipe, but I did add some vanilla, and a little extra flour, based on the recommendation of some of the reviewers.

Here's the completed batter:

Here is one of the batches, ready to go in the oven. (One thing I added to the recipe: I roll the cookie balls in sugar, before flattening them on the sheet. That makes them sparkle nicely when they are finished, as well as have a pleasing texture.)

And here are the finished cookies, ready to go to Bethlehem!


Jenny said...

I'm on my way there...!

Jennifer said...

Ha ha, you grumpy innkeeper!