Tuesday, September 04, 2018

Our Lady of the Tomatoes

By the way, that isn't an official title of our Lady; but it is what I thought of when I saw the tomatoes sitting in front of her. There were several more there last week.

I snapped this photo yesterday morning. Later in the day I made a special trip to the store to get some buffalo mozzarella, which is perfect for Insalata Caprese. But the store had two kinds: buffalo and burrata, the latter being made with cream instead of milk. So I bought both. I'd had the buffalo before, so I tried the burrata when I made the following:

That is Insalata Caprese. It is very easy and very good. All you do is slice a good tomato (I peel off the skin), and then layer it with slices of the buffalo mozzarella and some fresh basil leaves, which I picked up as well. Over this drizzle olive oil and sprinkle with fresh pepper and salt. I laid all this on some Boston lettuce, but I didn't eat that. I thought that would look better. After having both the buffalo and the burrata, I prefer the buffalo.

I'm having some folks over for dinner Saturday and I'm thinking of making the salad for them. I'll have to get more basil and buffalo. I'm not sold on my presentation, above; maybe I'll put the basil on top.

The other way I like to prepare a fresh tomato is to slice it, and then dress it with olive oil, red wine vinegar, basil, pepper and salt. This is so good, and when I've eaten the tomato I drink the dressing. No need for lettuce.


Evi L. Bloggerlady said...

Getting an invite to your dinners seems like a treat! Those look great.

Anonymous said...

You are lucky to find buffalo mozzarella. The tomato with basil, oil and vinegar is classic Italian, tastes good with a little onion too and the juice is perfect for dipping bread(or pizza crust) into.

rcg said...

Wow! This looks awesome.