Saturday, September 15, 2018

What explains why so many of the bishops act the way they do?*

* And priests too!


Anonymous said...


With all the militant homosexual networks being exposed throughout the United States and evil bishops who support it specifically Wuerl, Dolan, Tobin, Cupich, Aquila, Wilton Gregory, and I'm sure the list is much more extensive, I really think it is time the faithful stop supporting the Latin Church financially. No one knows how much of that money goes to support the homosexual network of priests and the multi-million dollar residences in which the bishops live not to mention the million dollar pay offs to their rape victims. I for one am going to suggest that people stop giving money to the church. It is not unlike churches using money to support abortion of which the Diocese of Richmond Indiana does support. There are prophecies that the Latin church will fall into heresy, blasphemy and impurity. It has and it's time to let it fall to the ground as well as pray for those who caused it to repent. The Eastern Rite Catholic Churches have not sunk to this level. They remain faithful. I refer to the Maronites, Byzantine, Ukrainian, Armenia etc Catholic rites in America. They have their own Cardinals not associated with these evil men in the Latin Church. I wonder when the Archdiocese of Cincinnati will be exposed unless it has been cleansed of homosexuality which I doubt in the present day climate. I will continue to pray for the Latin Church. It is my home. But when a home becomes unlivable due to the accumulation of filth and deterioration, one can no longer live there. I recommend Church Militant online which is exposing all the homosexual filth in the Church to the laity who are blind to the evil not only in the the Church in America but worldwide. Holy Mother keep your faithful priests safe from this evil cadre of leaders of the western church. Amen

Fr Martin Fox said...

I respect your right to determine where your money goes, but I would urge some caution.

If the money going into your parish collection plate dries up, what effect do you think that will have? In this parish, it would cripple our efforts to sustain and strengthen the faith of our parishioners. People who are doing good work would lose hours or lose their jobs; or else be forced to seek work elsewhere. Anyone who wants to is welcome to sit with me, for as long as s/he wants, to see whether any money donated to St. Remy Parish, for example, is going to "homosexual networks." It is not.

I'm not dismissing your concern; there are problems. I'm saying that cutting off money at the local level isn't going to get at those concerns. My suggestion would be to be very careful, but still give money to support the mission of the church.

Finally, I'm confused. There is no "Diocese of Richmond, Indiana"; at least, not in the Roman Catholic Church. Are you referring to the Episcopal Church, or some other denomination? Or do you mean the Archdiocese of Indianapolis?