Saturday, October 20, 2018

A Amalfi e Capri

A little time, a little wifi, let's try to post some pictures...

Ok, I am updating this many hours later. Wifi is a challenge with mountains and a bus! These pictures are not Pietrelcina, but Amalfi. We visited a church where the remains of Saint Andrew the Apostle are venerated. Many have come here for healing, and they leave objects of silver behind as expressions of gratitude:

There were many more of such tokens on display. Here is the church; we had Holy Mass here. You can't tell here, but the altar was cut away and moved forward. The tabernacle was left adrift. It was very awkwardly done.

Here are some views of the stunning Amalfi coast. The best comparison I can make for Americans is the California coast.

Next are pictures from Capri. Sorry, I am playing catch-up so very little commentary. This is a pic of the huge mountain, with a trail chiseled into it.

Sorry, I don't remember what we are looking at here!

This church, on Capri -- whose name I cannot recall as I type this one handed on my tablet -- is famous for a beautiful floor. So beautiful you cannot walk on it!

Here is a view from the balcony, hard to get to:

Ok, I think these are out of order. This is from the boatride around the island.

My next post will pick up on Friday's adventures.

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