Friday, October 19, 2018

Monte Cassino & Sorrento

The wifi is wonky and blogging via my tablet is awkward, but doing all this on a bus while traversing the Appennine Mountains is a wonder. So I will do my best to give some pictures and commentary. pictures. I have tried several times over the day to upload pics but no dice. We are driving across the center of Italy, which is farmland of rolling hills. We saw an odd woman walking along the interstate in the middle of the road, with a cheap plastic chair slung on her arm, and her clothing was somewhat...minimal. we had some humorous commentary, till someone suggested she was, well, a prostitute! I hadn't considered the possibility.

Of more elevated matters: we visited lovely places in Monte Cassino -- where Saints Benedict and scholastica (brother and sister) are buried -- Sorrento, Amalfi and the Isle of Capri, where the lecherous Emperor Tiberius lived the last ten years of his reign. This morning we departed that region and made for Pietrelcina, birthplace of Padre Pio, whose examp,e of sanctity is so needed today. We had Mass on the very altar where he offered his first Mass. Now we are headed for San Giovanni Rotundo, where he was so active, and we will venerate his body. All are well and we are on time. No sprains, upset stomachs or hurt feelings that I know of. The food and wine and dolci -- desserts -- are plentiful.

OK, NOW AT HOTEL, AND I will post some pictures from Tuesday. Very slow to upload. This is along the road. I don't remember just where!


At Monte Cassino:

The high altar. We did not have Mass here, but in crypt below.

The marker for the saints' remains. More to come...

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