Sunday, November 25, 2018

If not Christ as King? Then horror (Sunday homily)

Today is the feast of Christ the King. 
Officially, Christ, the King of the Universe, which means: 
he is the king of absolutely everything and everyone, no exceptions.

This feast was established in 1925 by Pope Pius XI.
It was a time of many movements seeking to rule and remake humanity: 
Communism, Fascism, Nazism.
But also: Secularism, which might also be termed, “Get-God-out-ism”; we’re on our own.
And Modernism, which means we’re smarter and better 
than anyone who ever lived before us, they have nothing to teach us;
truth begins with us.

Thank God – and with God’s help – 
our grandparents defeated Fascism and Communism.
But these other “isms” are still around.
There are still powerful forces 
that are determined to rule humanity in place of Christ.

And just like the Facists, Nazis and Communists, 
they are not benign rulers. 
They are greedy for power; they seek absolute dominion.

Here’s a recent story about a college student in California.
Her name is Isabella Chow; 
she is a member of the Student Senate at UC-Berkeley.
Someone put forward a resolution condemning the proposition 
that you are male or female, 
based on the biological facts apparent at birth.

Now, I know this is confusing. 
But you do realize that there is a growing movement 
to say that biological facts do not matter?
That no matter what body God gave me, I can invent myself as I wish?

Now, some people say, live and let live, who cares?

But listen to what happened to Miss Chow.
She abstained from the motion. 
Note well; she didn’t vote against; she merely abstained.
She politely explained her reasons, 
saying that discrimination “is never, ever OK.” 
Still, voting for the bill would compromise her values.

Now listen what happened to her.

She was immediately labeled a “bigot” 
and her beliefs “hateful prejudice.”
Miss Chow has been kicked out of most of the groups she belonged to.
Hundreds of students showed up to demand she resign.
They are mobilizing the entire campus against her.

She is being ripped to shreds on social media coast to coast.
Miss Chow submitted an op-ed to the school paper, 
but they won’t run it.
Her former friends are shunning her. 

Miss Chow is standing her ground. Wow! 
But honestly, how many here could find the same strength?

And it’s not just California, it’s spreading everywhere;
including to Catholic colleges. 
A highly honored professor was driven out of Providence College, 
in Rhode Island, because he would not endorse these new “isms.”

It’s happening everywhere: entertainment; sports, the business world. 
All the larger companies are getting on board with this,
and telling their employees they better get on board.

Did you see what was broadcast from the Thanksgiving Day Parade 
in New York City? Two women – yes, Macy’s went there.
That’s Federated Department Stores, based in Cincinnati.
And what do you think happens if an employee objects to that?

So let’s be very clear: if not Christ, 
then there are others who seek to be king, and they are not gracious, 
they are not gentle, they are ruthless tyrants.

This “trangender” business is ruining people’s lives, even children!

Now, this can all be very discouraging, but remember:
When Pope Pius XI created this feast, 
The evils of his time seemed all-powerful and unstoppable;
Even as Rome surely did, in the person of Pontius Pilate, 
condemning an insignificant peasant named Jesus of Nazareth.

And if Isabella Chow can find courage in her situation, 
how dare any of us not likewise find our courage too?
That courage comes from the Holy Spirit, 
which no one can take from us!

And I think Pilate knew that. When Christ stood before him,
Pilate knew that it was Christ who was strong, not he.
He didn’t know why, and that frightened him.
So it has always been and so it will always be.
Christ will conquer, but in ways you and I cannot comprehend.

Now, this is a good time to talk about the book we are giving away,
Thirty-three Days to Morning Glory.
This is an opportunity to consecrate ourselves to the Heart of Mary.
What does that have to do with Christ the King?
Because when we give ourselves entirely to Mary,
She will bring us straight to her son.

And as St. Louis de Montfort stated,
“Total consecration to Jesus through Mary 
is the surest, easiest, shortest, and the most perfect means” to becoming a saint.
To be a saint is to be a true subject of King Jesus, 
to let him reign in the entirety of our lives.

So here’s the plan. You take the book, and you start reading it.
The idea is to take 33 days to read the book, 
a couple of pages each day, and reflecting that day on those pages.
We start on November 29, and we finish on December 31.

Then, on January 1 – the feast of the Mother of God – 
We make our consecration. 
You can do this on your own if you prefer;
Or, for those interested, we’ll do it together in church that day.
If you already made a consecration to Mary, you can renew it.

Sometimes people get hung up on “doing it right.”
They worry: what if I fall behind? 
The author will tell you, and I’m telling you, don’t worry about it!
There are no “rules”! The only “rule” is to draw closer to Mary, 
and by doing so, draw closer to her Divine Son, Jesus.

So, if you’re interested, take the book!
Start reading it right away. Go at your own pace, fast or slow.
But we will all aim for making, or renewing, our consecration to Mary 
on January 1, and start the new year in a powerful way.


Anonymous said...

Perhaps the gender assigned at birth issue is not as simple as you imply. One in 500-1000 'males' are born with Kleinfelter's syndrome with XXY chromosomes and many other chromosomal abnormalities exist at birth as well. These folks are not born either male or female and many transgendered persons wrestle with something much more significant and complicated than just'choosing what you want to be'.

Fr Martin Fox said...


Sometimes a baby is born with two heads. That rare occurrence does not call into question the fact that a human body is understood to have, in fact, one head. Or does it, in your mind?

Are you in doubt about what defines a human being? How do you know?

And is the definition of a human being a construct, or a matter of personal opinion? Or is it an objective fact? What do you think?

These are not idle questions; this is precisely what all this is about.