Sunday, December 02, 2018

Jesus is coming? Jesus is here! (Sunday homily)

Do you know what word appears in each of the readings? 
That word is “coming.” Did you notice?

A long time ago, I had a t-shirt that said, “Jesus is coming. Look busy!”

It’s a funny joke, but it dumb plan of action.

That’s why Jesus says that some people 
will be so terribly afraid when he does come at the end of time. 
They know that “looking busy” isn’t going to cut it.

Do you know what, on the other hand, is a good plan?
In fact, a perfect plan? Here it is:

Live every day not as if Jesus is coming, some faraway day; 
But rather, live every day as if he is already here, right now.

If you’re at work, and everything you do 
is what you’d do if the owner of the business is at your right hand, 
you’ll never worry, right?

And, of course, Jesus is at your right hand, every day, every moment.
There’s no place he would rather be.

This past week, many of us starting reading 
Thirty-three Days to Morning Glory.
It’s a book of daily reflections 
leading to a consecration to Jesus through Mary.
If possible, you started on November 29, with the 33 days taking us 
to January 1, the feast of the Mother of God. 
But maybe you forgot. No problem! The books are here. Free!
Anyone, any age, is welcome to work through this. 
Do it as a family, or on your own if no one else is doing it.
You can catch up, it’s really easy.

And notice the “commitment cards” in the books. 
I should have suggested you put them in the collection today; 
but you can bring them next week. 

Those cards will help me connect you to a small group, afterward, 
if you’d like that as a help to continue to grow spiritually.

And I also want to know how many parishioners want to participate 
in a group consecration, whether it’s a small or large number.
So, that is why I ask you to turn in the cards.

Yes, Jesus is coming at the end of time to complete his Kingdom.
But why worry? He’s here, right now, for you and me.
Let him be king now, and you’ll never have to worry about later.

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