Monday, December 10, 2018

More on the 'transgender' threat

This is a follow up to a recent homily, taken from the parish bulletin, slightly edited. 

Let’s talk plainly about so-called “trangenderism.” What is it? And why should you or I care?

For various reasons, some hard to discern, some people experience a “dysphoria” or disconnection from their physical identity as male or female.  It can be temporary or life-long. While some people may think this is all a big joke, the suffering is real.  It can involve depression, addiction and suicide.

In recent decades, it has been possible for people to obtain artificial hormones, and even surgery, in order to remake their bodies to conform to their self-perception. What is not well known is that even these drastic steps are often not satisfactory. In those cases, some will ‘transition” back to their original identity; or else they will spiral down into deeper darkness.

Why is ‘transgenderism’ on the march? Until just recently, we understood as a society that this was abnormal. But now powerful forces are working to force society to embrace these experiences as normal. Even worse: what was always known to be a scientific fact (that male and female are physical realities) has now been transformed into not only a mere “belief,” but an expression of bigotry!

The word for this is madness. 

I mean not so much the people who experience this dysphoria; I don’t want to add anything to their suffering. Rather, I mean the madness of other people, whether in government, in the media, and in so many other places, who go along with this or try to coerce others into accepting it.

Why you should care. Last year a judge in Hamilton County, Ohio, took a child away from her parents, and placed the child in her grandparents’ custody, precisely because the parents would not go along with this fake science; would not go along with hormones or surgeries that would mutilate their child. But the grandparents would. So the government took sides.

Also: in many places, schools are getting intense pressure. Girls will be in a locker room, and a boy—who now claims to be a girl—is undressing in their presence; and the girls must undress in that boy’s presence. This has happened without parents knowing about it or having recourse. In many sports, girls are losing competitions because boys-claiming-to-be-girls have greater physical strength and thus tend to win. Everyone knows it’s wrong but no one dares protest, for fear of being labelled a “bigot.”

If you or someone you care about is in the medical profession, be scared. There are powerful voices demanding that doctors perform procedures and operations, and proscribe hormones, contrary to their own medical judgment and conscience. In many places, it is now illegal for counselors and psychologists to offer therapy that might help a young person reject same-sex desires. Don’t be surprised if the same groups demand that doctors not counsel someone away from becoming “transgender.”

Worse: this ideology is being promoted to young, impressionable children, and surprise! Children are discovering that they are also transgender. In Britain, where this movement is further along, schools are reporting drastic increases in children discovering they aren’t the sex they thought they were. And children are being given drugs and even mutilating operations. If this makes you want to throw up, that is a good response. But it can’t be our only response.

Don’t be discouraged, but don’t be passive. 

If you find all this overwhelming, remember that in 1940, Fascism, Communism and Nazism seemed unstoppable; and they nearly were. Yet they were defeated. Evil will not have the last word. Pray. Be well informed. Be loving but unbending about the truth. It is not compassionate to nod and smile when someone else plans to do him- or herself grave harm. You may not be able to stop it, but we must not give our approval or help. And wait patiently for our God in heaven to act, as he will in his time; and indeed, he almost certainly already is, but in ways we do not comprehend.


Anonymous said...

This article is really outside your area of expertise. "Fake science," said the priest.
If a scientist said "fake religion" about you, I'd make the same criticism of her.
Stick to what you know.

Fr Martin Fox said...


Seriously? You hurl an accusation but you offer absolutely ZERO argument whatsoever.

And you do it while hiding behind "anonymous." I have no problem putting my name to what I wrote.

Feel free to show even one problem with what I said. Particularly as a matter of science.

Fr Martin Fox said...


I'm still waiting for you to show where anything I said is inaccurate. You made that accusation: don't you think you have a duty to substantiate that?

Fr Martin Fox said...


Well, after waiting for some further elucidation, it is now clear that your sole argument, your sole rebuttal to my argument is, "shut up."

It is sad that increasingly, this is how the Left "argues." Not with reason or explanation; they just try to silence you, whether by shame, or threats, or lawsuits, or harassment, or actual violence.

Anonymous said...


Your CV is my argument.

You literally claim "fake science," yet you are not a scientist, while actual scientists are studying this matter.

You literally claim that X is "scientific fact," while actual scientists are studying this matter.

So, your piece begins by cloaking itself with the authority of "scientist speaking" but then continues in what amounts to mere scare tactics, in order to convince your readers to agree with you. You literally say "be scared" (8th paragraph).

Why don't you let the scientists study and speak about science, while you study and speak about Roman Catholicism. (I assume that IS your area of expertise and education. Please correct me if I'm wrong about that.)

In closing, people like me use the Anonymous Commenter feature that your site invites us to use, because we don't want people cyber-stalking us all over the web. Your stated curiosity about my legal name militates in favor of maintaining that practice.

Fr Martin Fox said...


Only scientists get to talk about science? Who makes that rule?

You have still entirely failed to show any actual flaws in my arguments. I wonder why that is?

Your ENTIRE argument is, "you are not a scientist", so shut up.

Anonymous said...

In essence... kinda, yes, yeah.

In a forum like this, that is - all such forums - only scientists get to make declarative, conclusory statements about controversial matters of ... science, (unless you expressly cite those scientists and their peer-reviewed studies).

Similarly, would you sit by quietly while an unchurched person made definitive and declaratory statements on this site about the RC Church teachings? I think not.

I strongly encourage you to question science and scientists!!

But I respectfully request that you not speak as one, unless and until your qualifications precede your statements.

No comment on my last 2 sentences? It's OK to cave.

I eagerly anticipate hearing your declarative, conclusory statements about RC, backed up by advanced degrees in that subject matter, coupled with several years of practice at the hands-on level.

Fr Martin Fox said...

Well, Anonymous, I'm sorry to inform you that you do not get to make the rules that others live by.

And the notion that I have to cite an authoritative source in order to make the observation "that male and female are physical realities" is ridiculous. I welcome you to explain why you don't accept the truth of that statement, if you care to. Of course, I will be eager to see what sort of scientific sources you might identify for that claim.

As far as "cyber stalking," it is absurd to suggest that I am in favor of that happening to you. But there is another option. Nothing stops you from assuming a nom de plume. You don't have to register; all you have to do is add a pseudonym at the end of your comments. That way, I can distinguish one anonymous from another.

And, finally, I note for the third (or is it fourth? Oops, references to mathematics means I am trespassing into the sacred realm of science again!), that you actually have not shown a single flaw or error in any assertions I made.

Anonymous said...


Gender identity and gender expression are not my areas of expertise. My areas of expertise (education plus 15 years of practice) include US securities laws, corporate laws, corporate finance and related matters. I mention that solely because I’m curious as to what your own areas of expertise might be. I assume that you are an expert in Roman Catholicism. Please correct me if I am wrong.

More importantly, as to areas outside my filed: I’m willing to learn. Here’s what I learned after just a few minutes of research. Please note that it largely conflicts with your pejorative posts on transgenderism:

Transgenderism and transsexuality exist but little is known about the causes. "Scientists are just beginning to understand the biological basis of gender identity, it is clear that many factors, known and unknown, mediate the complex links between identity, genes, and anatomy . . . . The relationship between sex chromosomes, genitalia, and gender identity is complex, and not fully understood . . . . but to define gender as a binary condition determined at birth, based on genitalia is fundamentally inconsistent with science.”

"[T]o define gender as a binary condition determined at birth, based on genitalia is fundamentally inconsistent with science.”

That’s a quote from a 2018 letter on the topic of transgender/transsexuality to the US Government and signed by over 1600 biologists, geneticists, psychologists, anthropologists, neuroscientists and biochemists. Please note that nine of those signatories were Nobel laureates and that our country's leading educational institutions were well represented as signatories (36 from Harvard alone, 30 from Yale, 55 Berkeley, 20 Duke, 50 Cornell, etc.)

My point remains that you are making declarative, negative and conclusory statements about this topic and you lack the knowledge required to so opine. Expert information is available to you; it is but a few clicks away. Please let me know if you would like a list of resources.

Most importantly, I strongly encourage you to educate yourself on the topic before making harmful statements, since my research also revealed that 3 years ago the largest survey examining the experiences of transgender people in the US was conducted and the findings reveal disturbing patterns of mistreatment and discrimination and startling disparities between transgender people and the U.S. population in general when it comes to the most basic elements of life, such as finding a job, having a place to live, accessing medical care, and enjoying the support of family and community. Survey respondents also experienced harassment and violence at alarmingly high rates.

Accordingly, it seems me that your sneering and scornful posts on this topic:
- “so-called transgenderism”
- “None of this has anything to do with science, it’s garbage”
- “this fake science”
not only conflict with 1600 experts in the field, but are harmful to transgendered people and helpful to no one.



Fr Martin Fox said...


It is hard to take you seriously when you declare no one but scientists may speak about science. I might add, you violate this rule of yours, yourself, right here. You are speaking about science, yet you have not presented your scientific credentials.

And, you find it controversial to point out that male and female are physical realities. That is impossible to take seriously.

I am not in favor of the sort of dictatorship you must favor: that instead of freedonm of speech and debate, scientists will serve as an all powerful caste making pronouncements to which others must genuflect, not even bringing their own critical faculties to bear to ask: does this even make sense?

I have great respect for science, but I do not use it as a cudgel to silence people, as you seek to do. Science is rooted in reason, and must always be subject to rational examination.

And, I have asked you repeatedly to show where anything I have said is factually wrong, and instead, all you do is continue to tell me to shut up, while adding insulting characterizations of my argument ("sneering") rather than actually engaging the argument. So I must conclude you cannot dispute my arguments, so you try to gag me.

I am not going to waste any more time with this not very subtle effort to silence views you do not like.

Fr Martin Fox said...


If you're wondering, why yes I have deleted two of your comments. Why? Because they add nothing to the argument that you've given already.

I've invited you, even pleaded with you, to offer some specific flaw in what I've written. You've declined. So as far as I'm concerned, you've had your chance.