Saturday, January 12, 2019

Movies I'm watching

Today is "fun with photos" day in Russia!

I suspect I'm one of the last six people worldwide who subscribes to Netflix DVD. I've been working through a long list of films, and I was just checking my queue. Here it is in three screenshots. What do you think?

I'm going to watch A Matter of Life and Death tonight. Shape of Water isn't here yet, I expect it on Monday. I can watch The Wild Bunch on Netflix streaming anytime. FYI, the last set aren't available. Sometimes they become available. Meanwhile, I look for them on other streaming services.

Feel free to ask any questions, such as, "why in the world is THAT on your list?" Sometimes these decisions are on the spur of the moment. Sometimes months lapse between when I slot the film in the queue, and it finally gets to the top; and I have no earthly idea why I chose it. (That happened last night.)


rcg said...

The Chicago Sun Times had a list of the 100 best movies. I think Wall Street Journal also does. The movie reviewer for WSJ was Dorothy Rabinowitz. I really liked her reviews so if she has a list I would use it.

Fr Martin Fox said...

I didn't find the Sun Times' list, but I found a few others, and quickly bulked up my queue to over 50! Some foreign films, some really old ones, some questionable ones (in judgment, I don't mean in content), but some that look really promising that I never heard of.

That should keep me busy until summer.