Sunday, July 28, 2019

America is becoming Sodom: what do we do? (Sunday homily)

The first reading mentions the “sin of Sodom,” so let’s start there. 
This doesn’t come up very often, and no one likes to talk about it,
but we need to talk about this subject.
Lots of Catholics really don’t know what Christ teaches 
about these things; and many who think they do, actually don’t.  

I’ll deal with this delicately, but that means you have to pay 
closer attention, to get what my “work arounds” mean; OK?

“The sin of Sodom” – or, sodomy – refers to several things, 
all of which involve people misusing God’s gift of sex, 
rejecting his plan for sex.

Without going into detail, there are a number of ways 
a man and a woman can do this; and also, two men or two women. 
These various sins have always been termed “unnatural,” 
for several reasons; one of which is that they deliberately exclude 
the transmission of new life. 

But I do want to underline this point: this is about 
more than what happens between two men or two women.

This sin is one of four that Scripture tells us “cry out to heaven” 
for judgment. The others are murder, oppressing the poor, 
and defrauding a worker of his wages.

As we recall from Scripture, when God’s angels entered Sodom, 
they were accosted by the men of the city, 
who sought to force themselves on the visitors.

The people of Sodom were possessed by lust, 
which inevitably includes violence; because if you want what you want, 
and you absolutely must have it, 
you will engage in all manner of rationales and excuses.

Here’s why I think we have to talk about this.
Our beloved country is well on the way to becoming Sodom.
It didn’t start with rainbow flags and alternative lifestyles; 
what we’re seeing now is simply a mature stage of the evolution.

Our process of becoming Sodom began decades ago, 
When contraception became acceptable; 
when marriage became optional; 
when children became disposable
blasphemy on TV became normal,
and obscenity spread everywhere on the Internet.

Forgive me, but I think a lot of folks haven’t a clue 
how bad things are already. And a lot of us don’t WANT to know.

I write about some of these things in the bulletin,
And grumbling comes back – “why does he talk about that?”
The answer is because online filth is damaging people’s lives!
Not somewhere else – right here in Russia.
And I’m talking about teenagers; kids.

Parents, I know that cell phones are wonderful tools,
but realize that unless you are constantly vigilant,
the absolute worst of everything is only one click away.

There isn’t time to talk about all the lies that are being told; 
pounded relentlessly into our heads and our kids’ heads.

One lie is that all these perversions are normal,
Because we’re really just animals and we can’t help it.
Another is that if you surrender to impulse, you will be happy.
A third lie is that what matters most is to get what you want.
Yet another is the idea that just because you have some feelings, 
that fact defines who you are. Our society sorts and labels people, 
“gay,” “straight,” “bi,” “trans” – with new categories every day.

So if you feel something, you get a label slapped on you, defining you.
“This is who you are,” people say. 
“This is how you are supposed to act and believe.
Hold still while we shove you into this box.”
Does that sound like “liberation”?

People we know feel attracted to the same sex. What do they do?
First, forget all these categories and labels. You are a child of God!

God created you and all of us male and female;
And you are made in his image and likeness.
That is your identity. 
Do you have a cross to bear? Indeed; so do we all.
You don’t have to carry it alone. Talk to me; I will help you.

The other truth is that happiness comes from what we give, 
not what we get; and if life involves sacrifice and self-denial,
then in that case, you ARE doing it right!

One reason we don’t like to talk about these things 
is many feel powerless. 
Nevertheless, you and I have a voice and we have a vote.
But politicians aren’t going to do the right thing all by themselves;
We have to keep on them.  
And if we pay a price because we are faithful to Christ?
He told us that would happen! 
The Apostles rejoiced to suffer for his Name!

Now let’s talk about main thing in the readings, which is prayer.

There is a mystery to prayer that I really can’t explain, but here it is: 
God frequently will unlock graces and gifts only after we pray.
And by “pray,” I mean more than once or twice. I mean, over and over.

We all know about Fatima: During the first World War,
Mary was sent to three children in Portugal.
She gave them many messages, 
including a prediction that a worse war was coming, 
that would bring terrible suffering for the whole world.

But here’s what people forget: 
Mary’s request for the pope to consecrate Russia to her heart,
And for all of us to offer reparation, was offered as a way 
to prevent that next war and all that would follow!

Get that? If we had done what Mary asked, back in 1917,
No Second World War! Perhaps no Cold War! Isn’t that astounding?
That is what Mary told those children.

As we know, eventually Pope John Paul II 
did consecrate Russia and the world to the Immaculate Heart of Mary.
That happened in 1985, and remarkable things began to happen,
with the Cold War coming to an end without a shot being fired.

Sister Lucia, the third visionary of Fatima, 
has said that the “Fatima week” isn’t over yet. 
It seems like things are still unfolding.

Which way is our country and our world headed? 
That is not for us to know, and you and I can only do so much.
But praying to our good God lies entirely in our power!
You and I have a direct line, and it’s never disconnected.

Like Abraham, intercede for those who are deep in sin.
Like Jesus taught us, pray and be insistent in prayer.

We all know the Church needs more holiness. 
Much more boldness in our leaders. What can you and I do?
We can pray for the pope and our bishops;
We can offer penances and sacrifices;
You and I can make the Church more holy – beginning with ourselves.


Gail Finke said...

Amen, Father Fox!!!

Anonymous said...

I was once physically attacked by one of their "activists" (my apparent crime was hanging a sign on a church fence that read, "Republican Club meeting downstairs").

He put his finger in my face and screamed, "You just wait until the gays take political power in this city... You just (*blasphemy*-*obscenity*-*obscenity*) wait!!!

Cops said I had no case for reporting an assault AFTER I made the mistake of including his "orientation" as part of my statement.

In other words... they set the social norms and agenda, not normal folks.

People NEED TO UNDERSTAND what is HAPPENING. They will be violent and unyielding until they get everyone to bow down to THEM.