Monday, December 26, 2005

a coveted day of rest

I have to admit: I was tired this morning! Not just from all the activity of the past few days, and even the past couple of weeks, but also because the past few days, I haven't slept as well as I usually do. This morning was no exception -- although I awoke at 7, rather than 5, as was the case the prior two mornings.

Ah well; it'll all come out even in time. As it was, I got a call at 8:15; I thought, "uh oh -- that means two things: the retired priest didn't show for daily Mass, or it's a funeral home." It was the latter.

Funeral, turns out, will be Thursday -- a service, not a Mass. Don't know why, yet.

Rest of the day? Oh, heavenly do-nothingness! I had coffee and sweet rolls, prayed the office, surfed the 'net. A parishioner showed up around 10 -- what's that about? -- so he gets to see me in my bathrobe! Turns out he had served 10 AM Mass yesterday, someone handed him some envelopes, he forgot to give them to the priest. Since office was problem!

I was going to see a movie, "King Kong"; only I couldn't find out online what time it was at the local theater (I could have called -- duh!) so I drove over @ 2 PM. Nope: 3 and 3:30 (so I thought I read); so I drove over to the office, to check my email, headed back for 3:30 start time -- only it was 3:20--d'oh! So I'll see it later this week...

So...I came home to blog and read and look at my Christmas Tree.

Someone gave me a great gift: a ready-to-cook prime rib -- which is cooking as I type. Then I thought: I should have one of my "Christmas beers"! (During the two octaves, I always buy the best beer I can find. I really like Anchor Steam and Liberty Ale, but alas, not available at my local Krogers. So I got my third favorite: Sierra Nevada Pale Ale.

"Oh, Christmas Beer, O Christmas Beer, . . ." (feel free to write the rest of this song).

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Anonymous said...

I am glad you enjoyed your off day, Fr. Fox. I am very mindful of how hectic the month of December must be for priests.

The priest at the midnight Mass I attended was losing his voice. A dreadful thing to happen to a priest on Christmas! Fortunately, my kid brother attended a Christmas morning Mass at the same parish and reported that the padre had regained full use of his vocal chords.