Thursday, December 22, 2005

Papa's got a brand new groove

There's a lot a of talk around the "blogosphere" about the holy father's hat. Not terribly important, but noteworthy.

(I have no patience for anyone who finds fault. His head is cold -- what do you want him to wear? A stocking cap?)

A sudden realization hit me about an hour ago: "this holy father has won my heart!" That wasn't easy, because the previous holy father, Pope John Paul, looms large in my imagination and affection, and it brings tears to my eyes, even now, as I think of his absence.

Yet, the Almighty, in his providence, has provided us a new shepherd, a new successor to Peter. And something -- je ne c'est qua (my French is horrible) makes me feel very confident, very reassured of our Father's care. (No, it's not the hat!)


mrsdarwin said...

I believe the phrase you want is "je ne sais pas", which means "I don't know".

Anonymous said...

I love the hat. I understand that bishops were wearing red trimmed in white fur before St. Nicolas, so why not keep it up? :D

This Pope is the only one I've known as a Catholic. I imagine when Benedict XVI dies I'll feel the same loss you feel for JPII, because I certainly love him!