Wednesday, December 14, 2005

I'll let my friends and parishioners comment...

You scored as New Catholic. The years following the Second Vatican Council was a time of collapse of the Catholic faith and its traditions. But you are a young person who has rediscovered this lost faith, probably due to the evangelization of Pope John Paul II. You are enthusiastic, refreshing, and somewhat traditional, and you may be considering a vocation to the priesthood or religious life. You reject relativism and the decline in society that you see among your peers. You are seen as being good for the Church.

A possible problem is that you may have a too narrow a view of orthodoxy, and anyway, you are still a youth and not yet mature in your faith.

New Catholic


Neo-Conservative Catholic


Traditional Catholic


Evangelical Catholic


Radical Catholic


Lukewarm Catholic


Liberal Catholic


What is your style of American Catholicism?
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Fidei Defensor said...

Great Blog Father, glad to see we both scored "new Catholic" that must mean I'm on the right track!

By the way, St. Boniface is one of my favorite saints, you just can't beat an ax weilding Holy Man who meant business when it came to hacking down Pagan shrines!

Anonymous said...

I scored as "New Catholic" too! :o)

Terry said...

Hmmm...I scored traditional (74%), yet have only been to one Tridentine Mass and was completely lost!

By the way Father, I'm going to be in Wapakoneta over Christmas. Are you saying any of the Christmas day Masses?

Anonymous said...

That was fun, it seems I am a Radical Catholic, I would prefer ummmm lets see, how about,
Maccabean Catholic!
Yeah that sounds better

Fr Martin Fox said...


I will have Mass at 6 PM on the Vigil, and Midnight Mass.

You realize I'm not in Wapakoneta, but Piqua?

Terry said...

Yes Father, I know. It's not that far.