Monday, March 27, 2006

Another Bible option: for teens

I was at a famous-name bookstore today, browsing the Bible shelf, seeing if there are any other good options for Catholics.

I found this:

(Click on the headling above to go to where you can check it out.)

While there aren't many notes on the Scriptures themselves, it is a Catholic Bible, with imprimatur; what is appealing about it are the "inserts" -- at several points throughout, you get four pages, full color, with concise, well-written information about basic Catholic beliefs, presented in an accessible and appealing fashion. (Tell the truth, anyone could benefit from this, although someone older might chafe at being given a "teen" Bible.)

And who wrote these appealing, effective pages? Amy Welborn. You might want to check with her, to see if she'd prefer to sell you the book another way (she was doing some sort of book sale from her blog some time back -- click on her name above to go there).

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Greg said...

Speaking as a teen, I use and highly reccomend the plain and simple Ignatius Bible. :-/