Sunday, December 03, 2006

First Sunday of Advent in Piqua

Opening Hymn: "The Lord is Coming" (Antiphon, in English, from Collegeville).
Confiteor in English, spoken
Kyrie, in Greek, chanted
Preparation: Creator of the Stars of Night
Communion: O Come, O Come Immanuel
Closing: O Come, Divine Messiah
Mass settings: Richard Proulx, Community Mass; Agnus Dei, Latin chant.

At five of the six Masses, we are teaching the Angelus by praying it before, or after, Mass--if after, we prayed it after the dismissal, but before the recessional hymn.


Kasia said...

Father, I'm tagging you for a survey-meme. Would you please come by my blog and check it out?

Anonymous said...


I noticed a couple of comments, one of which was by you, on blue and purple in the Advent season. I was told by someone who generally does not err on these things that the purple we use in the penitential seasons (Advent & Lent) was originally blue but evolved into purple over the years. He said blue was the traditional penitential color (and when this guy talked about "traditional" he was thinking the time of Justin Martyr). He explained that purple was a rare and expensive color obtained from a particular type of oyster shell. It would have been a lavish color. (Is it Priscilla who is described as a merchant of purple dyes in Acts? The implication is that she has some financial resources.) As cheaper alternative sources of purple dyes became available, the idea of Christ's royalty colored the blue seasons and tinged them purple.

Have you heard or read anything that supports or proves false the assertion that the "correct" color for Advent and Lent is blue rather than purple?

Anonymous said...

I hope you include kneeling in the Angelus ("And the Word became flesh, and dwelt among us."). I grew up a few blocks from St. Mary's, and I'm sorry I'm not still in Piqua to cheer you along with these projects!

At Amy Welborn's Open Book, you mentioned the mess of using handouts. "Handout Police" sounds like a possible job to assign to some 7th or 8th graders who live near the two churches. Maybe the teachers can ask for volunteers during religion class at the school with the older kids (North?).

Fr Martin Fox said...


Yes, after "The Word became flesh," the handout says to genuflect.

We do have the schoolchildren go over and straighten up the pews. At least, they are supposed to . . .

Anonymous said...

my youth choir wanted to sing o come o come emmanuel for offertory but the priest said no christmas music so we didn't. Father can you please touch on teh difference between Advent music and Christmas music? tahnks

Fr Martin Fox said...


The distinction isn't always easy to see, but Advent music emphasizes expectation, and -- as the term "Advent" suggests, the theme of His "coming" -- both at Christmas, but also, at the end of time. Meanwhile, Christmas music emphasizes that he is here, he has come.

I don't know why your pastor rejected "O Come, O Come, Emmanuel" because that is an Advent him. Perhaps he didn't go for it because it's too much associated with Christmas; or because it is traditionally associated with the last week of Advent.

Anonymous said...

Father, I saw your comment on the communion motet "Come Lord Jesus" that you couldn't identify. I'm wondering if you heard "E'en So Lord Jesus" by Paul Manz. Here's a link:

This has become quite famous and was performed by King's College Choir for the Nine Lessons and Carols from Cambridge in 2004.