Saturday, December 23, 2006

Never Say Never (Sunday homily)

“Never say never.”

My mother used to say that.

In the first reading,
Micah says of Bethlehem,
You are “too small.”

A lot of us may think we are “too small,”
or too ordinary, or too whatever,
to make a difference.

In the Gospel, Elizabeth says “I am too old”…

But God had other plans.

Bethlehem became the birthplace
of the King of Kings;
Elizabeth gave birth to a son—and what a son!

If we think, “Who, me?”
Remember Mary said that!

Do you think you are too far away—
or too set in your ways, to change?
Too much sin to forgive; too much busy-ness
or too many problems?

Don’t shut the door on what God might do!

This time of year can be difficult for many,
when someone you love is sick, or dying,
or you lost someone special.
Joy can seem impossible.
The Lord has his own way
of bringing light and assurance
in the worst darkness.

Jesus is coming—
He wants to lift our hearts
and pour his Divine Life into each of us.

No matter who you are,
how young or old you are,
How up, how down, no matter what…
you might be surprised what the Lord can do.

Never say never.

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