Wednesday, December 13, 2006

More busy-ness

It's been a busy week . . . wait -- what day is it? Wednesday, okay . . .

Monday: concelebrated a funeral in the morning; heard confessions at the Catholic high school in the afternoon, and at a nearby parish in the evening. Worked in office inbetween (Monday is usually my day off).

Tuesday: Mass in the morning; a penance service for the 3rd graders at one church, another one for 7th and 8th graders at the other; worked in the office for a few hours in the afternoon, confessions at nearby parish last night.

Wednesday: worked on Sunday homily this morning; lunch at city hall concerning a paint-and-clean-up project; worked on a wedding homily for Saturday; helped decorate the office; confessions at 5, Mass at 6; Bible study at 7; visited with cursillistas till about nine, just got home, ordered some Chinese, which I'm enjoying right now.

Tomorrow's agenda: Finance Committee meeting at 7 am; stop by Wal Mart to pick up a check for our gym repainting project; Mass at nursing home; a funeral at a funeral home; visit the hospital; pick up some supplies for the dinner for priests tomorrow night, before Penance Service. (Thankfully, the parochial vicar will preach, so I don't have to prepare a homily.).

Friday: Mass with schoolchildren; confessions afterward with 4th, 5th and 6th graders; a funeral after that (vicar has it; I just have to get confessions done in time); work in the office in the PM, wedding rehearsal in the evening, followed by a parish concert by Tatiana (come by!).

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Pro Ecclesia said...

While returning home from a meeting in Dayton yesterday (Wednesday), I stopped by for a visit to your adoration chapel.

Piqua must be one of the most churched towns in Ohio. I think I drove by every protestant and Catholic church in town before finally getting to St. Boniface - even though it was your church's steeple I could see from I-75.