Friday, June 27, 2008

'Promise 'em anything...'

The more McCain talks -- about wicked "speculators," about how he reveres ANWR as much as the Grand Canyon, about adjusting the planet's thermostat, etc. -- the more conservatives cling to judicial nominees as a reason for supporting him. But now another portion of his signature legislation has been repudiated by the court as an affront to the First Amendment, and again Roberts and Alito have joined the repudiation. Yet McCain promises to nominate jurists like them. Is that believable?

-- George Will in his column today.

Update ca. 5:30 pm, in the interest of fair play:

When it's time to throw campaign finance reform, telecom accountability, NAFTA renegotiation or Jeremiah Wright overboard, Obama is not sentimental. He does not hesitate. He tosses lustily. Why, the man even tossed his own grandmother overboard back in Philadelphia -- only to haul her back on deck now that her services are needed....By the time he's finished, Obama will have made the Clintons look scrupulous.*
--Charles Krauthammer in his column today.

* I might note that, for those most fearful about Obama, this emerging portrait ought to give you some consolation should he be elected. Yes, I know people gnashed their teeth over Clinton, yet he never governed as the leftie people feared, quite the opposite; and though people can't believe it, it happens to be true: during Clinton's years, prolifers and conservatives in general made a great deal of progress, in Congress and in state legislatures. It wasn't coincidental. Something to think about.


Unknown said...

Father Fox, Bill Clinton ran as a moderate Democrat. His first 2 years in office he governed as a liberal. The 1994 mid term elections forced him to govern from the middle for the remainder of his presidency. If a Preident Obama has solid majorities in both the House and the Senate, then what makes you think he would govern as a moderate?

Fr Martin Fox said...

I don't claim to know what he will do.

Anonymous said...

We should perhaps take comfort in the thought that, while it is VERY easy for one to sit on the sidelines and criticize and complain about how lousy the coach is, when that same person gets the job, their perspective changes and they see that many of their prior complaints were nonsense.

It is easy for Obama or McCain to slam Bush as the worst person in the history of the world and the cause of all the woes of the world, and it is easy for either one of them to say that, when he is elected, he will do this differently or that differently. But when he actually take office, he will see many of his current proposals as being the absurd potential disasters that they are. Being actually responsible tends to make one act a little more responsibly.

Anonymous said...

Regardless of how much one might dislike McCain, at least he doesn't support abortion because he wouldn't want his daughters PUNISHED with an unwanted child... Not to mention the whole infanticide issue. Obama really, really scares me...

gramps said...

The economy is very fragile at this point. The democrats look like they are going to win a large majority in the congress. They have always gone toward the socialist side when in power with big government and those in power in the congress are way left. We cannot afford to have someone like Obama in charge at the White House. They could take the country into a worse condition than the 30's. They want to give healthcare to everyone including illegal immigrants, tax all capital gains to drive out investment, are facing huge issues with social security, medicare, medicaid, and baby boomers coming. They seem to want to hide from the terrorist but doubt that will work as seen on 9/11. Not a good time to put someone in charge with less experience than one would need to run a medium size company.