Saturday, March 14, 2015

Friday dinner, Saturday breakfast

Last night the local Catholic War Veterans had a fish fry. I am sorry I couldn't go, but without realizing that was this week, I defrosted some Perch I'd bought weeks ago.

I don't recall ever cooking Perch. I don't know what a Perch looks like. Wait; according to the Almighty Internet, it looks like this:

But what I got out of the fridge looked like this:

These aren't the fillets I cooked; this is a stock photo.
I found a recipe online that looked easy, something like this: dredge the fillets in flour, mixed with pepper, red pepper and salt -- I threw in some garlic and parsley -- and then cook that in some butter that is browned first. I had that with some green beans I found in the freezer, and a couple of gold potatoes I steamed up in the micro. Butter and lemon over everything, pretty much. White wine would have been nice, but this is Lent.

It wasn't bad, but I wanted more salt, pepper and garlic.

As I'd cooked up a pound of fish, I had a good bit left over today. What do you do with leftover fried fish?

How about an omelette?

So I took a couple of the fillets and broke them up, and put them into a frying pan with some melted butter and a little Olive Oil. (I add the oil both to keep the butter from burning, and to give a little different flavor.) Meanwhile I stirred up some eggs with some pepper, salt, garlic and parsley -- sometimes I add Tarragon to my omelettes, but not this time -- and then poured all that over the fish. I thought about cheese, but decided to omit it.

Spiffy in a jiffy!

So how was it?

It didn't turn out of the pan so well (that's why I didn't take a picture, sorry), but it tasted pretty good. I actually liked the Perch better this morning than last night. At any rate, I used some leftovers, which is always good.

Now I really must whip up a homily!


Unknown said...

Dear Fr., What, no loaves to go with the fish? Oh I guess that would have given you too many leftovers 😃. Just kidding. I'm looking forward to your homily. Take care & love, Eileen

Jennifer said...

I love cold fish for breakfast. Especially with German Kräutersauce!

And if you make corned beef, it goes well with Sauerkraut rather than plain cabbage.

Fr Martin Fox said...


Well, this wasn't cold fish; I heated it up before adding the eggs.

Jennifer said...

Yes, Father. I know that you fried it up in an omlette. But leftover fish is also good cold, for breakfast. Even my kids like it!