Tuesday, March 03, 2015

Things pastors do...

...Include researching electric rates.

Did you know?

> That you can shop around for different companies to sell you electricity and natural gas? The local utility still delivers it; but you contract with someone else at a lower price.

> How complicated electric bills are?

> "Business" customers get ripped off?

> How important it is to be able to remember where documents are filed -- such as, the contract made with the existing electric supplier? (We're still looking.)

FYI, none of the above was news to me; I learned all this years ago.


Jennifer said...


fxr2 said...

Father Fox,
I don't see this as any different than what any other father would do. Perhaps you could call the previous pastor to ask where the contract could be filed.


Fr Martin Fox said...

Fxr2 --

Actually, I called the company. We renew between July-September; I'll revisit it then.