Tuesday, July 07, 2015

A Dominican, a Jesuit and a Diocesan priest walk into a Hotel

I'm in Baltimore for a conference for priests, on how to be a better confessor. It's run by the Thomist Institute, and this is the fourth year. Solid speakers so far, solid content. Several hundred priests from all over.

We are having Holy Mass and prayers in the Basilica in Baltimore, which could be called our country's mother church, as Baltimore is the mother diocese. We had two talks today. The first addressed pride and humility in the priest -- because the virtues and vices of the priest are reflected in his parish. Father had a nice image of confession as an encounter with Christ's Passion that I want to return to. The second speaker developed nicely the idea of presenting friendship with Christ as the goal for the faithful. And he made me want to re read Pope St. John Paul II's Veritatis Splendor.

So--a good start!

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rcg said...

Do they have pointers on how to get people to confession? I think, unfortunately, it is a difficult thing to do for many Catholics after all these years of not being emphasized.