Saturday, July 04, 2015

God & guns & exploding things & a cookout

My celebration of Independence Day began yesterday with a picnic at a parishioner's house. I'd been there many times over the years, back to when I was in Piqua; the family was a member of Saint Mary's then; now members of Saint Remy. It's always a great time, with lots of families, lots of children. The couple who hosts are very gracious.

I got there around 4 -- dad was just getting the gear together for some target shooting. Several other dads were there as well. Did I want to go along? Sure! I'm all for gun rights, but I don't own a gun myself; I am too absent-minded. I fired off a few rounds with several handguns, and then tried my hand with a semi-auto. At one point, I was holding the rifle for another fellow, and I thought--what a picture! Then I decided, no, probably better there's no picture...

One of the gentleman had some sort of powder -- not gunpowder -- that if you mixed it up, and put it in a plastic jar, you can shoot it and make it explode. We did that a couple of times. A very loud bang and puff of colored smoke. And for all you city folks who think this is terrible, everything was done very safely; and besides, the Founding Fathers would have heartily approved, let there be no doubt.

After that, back to the house (we were way away from the house, firing at targets set against a mound of dirt; the nearest house was probably a mile away) for dinner. The priest said grace, that's my one job here. While I don't think the hosts make a special effort of it, almost everyone seemed to be Catholic. We all talked a lot about matters of faith, and what was happening in our parishes. 

I didn't stay for the fireworks as usual; I was rather tired, so I headed home before it got dark. 

That was yesterday.

Today, before morning Mass, we had a "Patriotic Rosary," which means it included special prayers for our country. My homily emphasized the need we have to pray for our country, even while we celebrate it; God has blessed us, but there are things in our history, and our present, that God does not bless, and we pray that our country will turn back to God. After Mass, we had our usual, First Saturday Litany to our Lady. Then, after Mass, the prolife group had coffee and donuts. We had a nearly full church for Mass.

Now I have errands to run, and I hope I come up with some sort of homily before confessions and Mass this evening.

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