Saturday, April 01, 2006

John Paul II: we miss you!

I wasn't planning to make any comment tonight, but I chanced upon EWTN, and wondered, why is the holy father offering Mass in red? Then I realized -- it was the funeral of our previous holy father. And it all came back.

God willing, God will deign to raise our late, beloved pope to the glory of the altars, and soon we will acclaim him, Saint John Paul!

We miss you holy father!

God bless our pope, Benedict XVI!

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Anonymous said...

I watched several programs on JPII and then watched Witness to Hope video I purchased last year. It was my way of dealing with the same feelings of loss that I had last year. Yet, at the end of the day, I felt blessed that I had in some ways been near once again to this man. He always had a way of doing that at different points in my life. My wife and I later discussed this feeling about JPII and we both looked back through history and neither could think of any other human being that had the impact of this man in a personal and also grand scale. I will soon be 60 so I go back to quite a few people around the world. The funeral of JPII made the world stand still for days. The closest we could come was Mother Theresa and as much as I love her, she was a distant second and everyone else was a much more distant third. It would be interesting to see a list of people's 10 most infulential people in their lives. Our parents have to have a place on that list, good or bad. Ronald Reagan for me would have to be on that list and so would Ghandi. I loved Margaret Thatcher, but she would be way down the list. My Grandmother certainly impacted my life and many others. However, I will say that JPII would have to have the top place for impact on my life and the world at large.