Sunday, April 30, 2006

My blog, my rules

The other day, I deleted someone's post; the first time I did that, I believe.

I did it because I believed he rather aggressively impugned someone's character -- in this case, a bishop and cardinal. In that case, I invited the poster to come back and rewrite his post, but after a day with no response, I deleted it. Criticism is one thing; calling someone a criminal is another.

Several times in recent days, I visited another site, and offered some comments in a discussion "thread" that, to my judgment, turned ugly; I expressed my distaste, and shook the dust from my sandals on my way out.

Occasionally, someone will be a little rude in comments, and I think I've responded; someone directed an ad hominem at me the other day, which I found amusing. But, generally, all posters here deport themselves decorously, for which I thank you.

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Fr. Dennis said...

Interesting discussion of censorship this evening over at Dawn Patrol.

By the way, my blog is one of your deleted links. Also, I started reading because it was linked in your site.