Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Another crazy week

This was supposed to be an "easier" week. Haha!

Actually, it has been, somewhat.

On Monday (my day off), I didn't really have to do anything until the evening, when I checked in with RCIA and we had a brief liturgy in which I anointed the catechumens. But the Altar Society of St. Mary Parish had a meeting, and I hadn't yet been with them, so I joined them for lunch. But I did get to sleep late -- which is why I woke up at 6 am...

Tuesday, I had the school Mass, then briefly in the office, spent opening lots of mail and directing it hither and thither. Then quickly write some remarks to share with the Rotary Club (I talked about the date of Christmas, and how it might be more valid than previously thought -- thanks to Mark Shea, who I did credit in my talk), then back to the office, a little office work (the pile on my desk is pretty heavy right now), then a rehearsal for servers for Christmas.

This morning, I worked on my homily for Christmas Eve; I still need to write a homily for Sunday, and for Christmas Midnight Mass. I will probably use the same homily from midnight, for 9 am.

One of the things pastors have to do is be supervisors: I have a number of employees, and this is the time of year when I meet with them, give them an annual review. Each of these should be written, and we meet and talk. If a supervisor does his job, this isn't scary, because there should be no surprises. Rather, it should be very positive. Of course, this should be happening in various ways throughout the year. But keeping track of information, and following up (i.e., I look back at past reviews) help make it time-consuming. I really should have had this done by now, as I'm now racing to get it done before Christmas.

I hope to decorate my Christmas Tree this weekend.


Ellen said...

Why is it that our best intentions to get ready early for Christmas, be it shopping or decorating or just getting other responsibilities out of the way so we can enjoy the holidays, never seem to work? Every year I try so hard to get ready early and it never seems to work. Oh well, at least I am in good company as I can't think of too many people who are ready.

I hope you have a wonderful and blessed Christmas.

Anonymous said...

Father, did you move to your "new" home yet or are you still across from the beer joint? Be nice if you were away from there in time for the New Year's Eve revelry, ha.
Think the world is full of people having last minute rush for Christmas. It seems that no matter how much I plan not to get involved in that hectic scene, it happens anyway - so many unanticipated surprises or snafus pop up. The most delicious part of Christmas is going to Mass - and trying not to doze off in the sudden peace!
Have a wonderful Christmas season, Father Fox! Julia

Anonymous said...

Father, sounds like my life these days -- all kinds of unexpected challenges, most of course involving preparations for Christmas. I hope that you have a truly Blessed Christmas, filled with beautiful music! God bless, Patricia Gonzalez