Saturday, March 21, 2009

Another typical day...

Here's a quick run-down, in the few minutes I have at the moment:

> 9-10 am confessions; had some folks show up right at 10 am. It's not that I mind waiting, but...
> I had a 10:30 am appointment and I wanted to grab breakfast beforehand, so...
> After I'd taken care of the last folks, made a quick trip to Tim Hortons (didn't win anything), and back to the office.
> Couple came in to prepare for marriage.
> After that, I had another appointment with a parishioner who wanted to discuss a problem.
> After that, I needed some time to shift gears; I was thinking and praying about his situation.
> I had two homilies to write for this weekend (check back; they appear after I deliver them). Also, I had to prepare for blessing a new baptismal font, which will happen after 4 pm Mass tonight. Also, I had to make a call to the musician to coordinate that.
> I also help the National Pro Life Alliance, and I had a special project for that. I just finished that.
> I'll head over for Mass shortly; then the blessing and a baptism as part of it.
> A parishioner is taking me out for dinner after that.

Time to go!

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